Remember These Tips When You Shop for High Quality Persian Antique Rugs

High quality Persian antique rugs are one of the most sought after items that many people dream to own. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to differentiate an authentic rug from a mere replica. If you don’t want to end up bringing home a complete knock off, there are several tips to remember when shopping for these rugs:

Check the Back of the Persian Rug

You will need a ruler or a tape measure for you to quickly measure an inch on the rear part of the rug. Then, proceed to counting the number of knots you see in that one inch of space. When there are more knots you can count, it means that the rug is also of high quality, as well as the thread used for making it, and the skills of the one who made it.

Feel the Texture of the Rug

When the texture feels stiff and rough, chances are you are holding a rug with lower quality of wool thread used. You would want to get one that has a plush feeling surface that doesn’t feel rough when touched.

Search for Signs of Repair

Make sure that you also inspect the rug for any signs of repair. It is specifically applicable if the piece is being sold as a form of antique. You have to check if the piece has gone through repairs. More often than not, an antique rug will have a few minor repair works done on it. Check the repair to identify the extent of the damages done.

Inspect the Colors

Assess the rug’s color and determine whether they were able to stay true since the rug was made, or if the colors already faded a few blotches through the years. Faded colors can make the rugs seem warmer and more inviting to some yet if the dyes already faded, the piece’s value might be a bit less than what it should be.

Examine the Edges of the Rug

There are artists who like to weave their own signatures to the edgings in the same way that painters sign the canvasses they make. The signed pieces can be valued a bit higher than those that are not signed.

Look at the Patterns

Finally, when shopping for wholesale Persian rugs VA, examine the patterns woven to the fibers. The one real method to judge these rugs is being doing your research and learning to identify the symbols often placed into these rugs from various areas.

Top 4 Weight Loss Supplements

There are many people who question the use and effectiveness of best weight loss product. Are weight loss supplements safe? This is one of the most commonly asked question in the center for weight management.

Weight loss tips

What people need to understand is that weight loss supplements are nothing but the best weight loss product that facilitate and speed up the fat burning process inside the body to guarantee effective weight loss results in the long run. So, without further ado, let’s jump into exploring some of the best weight loss product that should be your go-to fat burning supplement this year.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia extract is a weight loss supplement that is made of extracts from the garcinia plant. This is a small green colored plant. This product has been included on the Dr. OZ show because of its tremendous weight loss results.

  1. Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is one of the most popular weight loss supplement that has been around for more than 10 years now and it has been celebrated as a best weight loss supplement for its brilliant and effective results. This supplement is made of a combination of various plant extracts and natural ingredients. With minimal side effects reported, this supplement is very effective and can help to lose up to 10kg weight within 3 to 4 months.

  1. Meratrim

Meratrim is a latest diet weight loss product that has only recently entered the market but has managed to win many hearts nonetheless already with its fruitful results. This weight loss supplement is a combination product of two different plants extracts both of which function to boost the metabolic rate of the body. This weight loss supplement is best known for its effective and fruitful outcomes when it is combined well with regular workout and a restricted calorie diet plan.

  1. Forskolin

Forskolin is one of the best fat burning supplements that you need to have in your life if you really need to lose weight. Forskolin belongs to the mint family. This supplement is basically an extract of mint leaves and is particularly composed from the mint tree leaves extracts. The one way this supplement works for weight loss is by increasing the levels of cAMP compound in the body which increases the metabolism which in turns start burning calories at a faster pace. The one good thing about this supplement is that this product not only burns body fat but also boosts the muscle growth which helps you achieve a stronger and well-shaped body.

How Do Weight loss Supplements Work?

The popularity of weight loss supplements might make you wonder what these products are actually designed to do! If you are associated or registered with any center for weight management Ashburn, you will surely know how these weight loss supplements will work. There are three basic functions of these supplements.

  • It increases the rate at which fat burns inside the body.
  • The supplements help to absorb more nutrients out of the food you eat which makes you feel fuller for a longer time.
  • It works on your appetite by decreasing your hunger pangs.

How to Care for Keratin Treated Hair

Any girl who got a haircut knows that walking out of the salon after that feels glamorous, but this does not always come inexpensive. Even if you are receiving the best hair treatment in hair salons, handling your hair at home is different because the hairstylist makes it seem easy to wield brushes and use blow dryers to create that look. They are an expert that’s why it is so easy for them. You can learn something from them by observing what they do and asking about it, but you should really know how to maintain it at home. A keratin treatment salon is not cheap and if you availed of this, you should follow the tips below.

Hair salon tips

When you are getting a keratin treatment, ask the stylist how many days you should avoid water. Since there are different keratin treatments, there are different possibilities in terms of keeping your hair dry. It could be anywhere from a day to 3 days, which is why a dry shampoo is what you need to keep your hair smelling fresh wherever you go. Not wetting your hair means no sweating, swimming, rain, and washing at all.

Leave your hair down

For the 1st few days after the treatment, do not tie your hair or anything. It is because the keratin is fresh and it is still malleable, this means that if you clip or ponytail your hair, your hair can have dents. If you wish to tie your hair up, you should wait for the keratin to settle in your hair for about 3 days, and only use a soft scrunchie for short amounts of time.

Pick the right shampoo and conditioner

After 3 days and you can already wash your hair, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that have keratin in it. There are brands you can find that are made with keratin and these are going to work well in cleansing and conditioning your hair after it has gone through a keratin treatment. The most crucial thing is to stay away from shampoos that are too harsh for post-treatment like the clarifying shampoos that might take away the keratin treatment in your hair or you will develop uneven results.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

This might seem extravagant, but there is a good reason why you should buy a silk pillowcase. This material is excellent for tangle prevention because it has less friction with your hair follicles. A silk pillowcase is going to make your hair look better when you wake up in the morning even if it is after a keratin treatment. In addition, you won’t spend a lot of time untangling your hair.

Blow dry your hair

After washing your hair, blow dry it but do not use hair products after shampooing for the 1st time. There is no need to use root-lifting sprays, hair sprays, mousse, or any gel for styling your hair after the keratin treatment. The amount of protein is going to hold your hair in the proper style without having to use hair products and using too much of them could make your hair look dirty and dull. What you can do instead is to blow dry and use a flat iron over your hair to control the strands into the style you want, and your keratin treatment is going to last longer.

Avoid formaldehyde

There are stories about keratin treatments going wrong because it led to breakage and hair loss because they used formaldehyde. Before getting any treatment, ask what it contains so you can avoid this ingredient and you should ask the stylist about it before undergoing the treatment. By doing this, you have a lesser tendency to avoid this problem. Moreover, the hair straightening iron you will use should not make your hair weak and brittle. Do not use coloring products after a keratin treatment and always check the ends of your hair. There are keratin treatment brands that does not contain formaldehyde so choose those.

It is important to really use the tips given here because a keratin treatment salon rockville is not cheap and you do not want your money to be wasted.

Tips to Help you Decide on a Wedding Dress

Picking out your wedding dress can make you feel terrified and overwhelmed because first of all, there a ton of options you will see and this could confuse you. Secondly, you have no idea how to go for a dress that is supposed to make you look the most beautiful you have ever been. This is not like deciding between several party rentals because this is going to be specifically for you. For a bride, a beautiful wedding dress will give her a memory that will last a lifetime. Every time she recalls this moment, there will be smile on her face and a glow in her eyes.

How to pick a wedding dress

Plan ahead

Wedding shopping can feel overwhelming if you do not know what you want. This is why you also need to do your homework as well. Look in magazines, catalogues and websites to find designs and mark the ones you like. You can also create a Pinterest board in order to save ideas that you want the most so they are accessible to you when you are out shopping. Give yourself time to decide on what you want prior to looking around. You have to choose between contemporary and traditional designs, styles, colors, and fabrics to find the perfect one for you.

Be firm on your budget

It is wise to spend not more than 5% of the wedding’s total budget for the gown and accessories. Wedding dress prices can be as low as $500 and, and most brides would spend about $900 to $1,200. If you go for couture wedding gowns, they could be about $5,000 and up. You should also not forget about including the alteration costs like bodice and sleeve adjustments and making the hem shorter. There are different prices which depends on the complexity of what needs to be done. Make sure you have an estimation upfront.

Match your dress to the style of your wedding

You can think about the kind of wedding you want when picking out your dress. Did you choose a certain season? Is it going to be an evening affair that is formal, or a beach party that is casual? Is the wedding location on a beach, in a garden, or a historic building? If your wedding is themed, you might want that dress to be part of it. Apart from this, some brides are out to find the perfect wedding dress and use it to inspire the theme.

Bring a camera with you

Ask a friend to take pictures of you while wearing the dress from several angles. Capture that moment and refer to these photos later on. By doing this, you will have a comparison of different photos of yourself in different dresses. It is going to make it easier for you to choose a dress. Just remember to check ahead of time if you can take photos in the boutique. Some of them do not allow you to take photos of the dress. Book ahead of time and elaborate to a consultant photography what can be used for decision making in the process later on.

Style, fit and color

Wedding dresses should not be for the weather and venue, and it should also flatter your style and figure. Lightweight fabrics are perfect for warm weather and outdoor weddings, while velvet, satin and wedding gowns with layers work properly in winter. There is always a way to improve the drama by going for a darker color or accessorizing it using a stole or wrap. One of the most modern trends in wedding dresses is picking out a different color, like blue or light pink. You do not always have to follow tradition and find a dress that will really speak to you and displays your personality. While you try on bridal dresses, search for patterns that will make your figure look flat. The traditional favorites are strapless gowns that is appropriate for women but needs to be tailored to match your proportions.

Wearing a gorgeous wedding dress will make that day memorable and the perfect wedding rentals rockland ny company should be chosen to give you the best.   

Want to Boost Your Business Productivity? Here Are Some Amazing Apps You Can Use!

Having a digital life in a place that’s easy accessible with auto sync is now extended to businesses. Some app developers already tapped to the growing market of the startups searching for ways to streamline their traditional way of record keeping, taking administrative and communications work to the digital world. Below are some of the amazing apps that will make your business life much easier and improve your business productivity in no time:

Skype for Business

Skype also has a business setup in mind with crisper new display as well as easy to use interface. It features unlimited free video conferencing, audio calling, conferencing, and instant messaging. It also runs ad free without interruptions for brilliant business discussion or interview.

Cam Scanner

The OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology used by the CamScanner makes the process of turning photos of texts from brochures, books or handouts to editable digital texts in a few seconds. Just make sure that the transcript’s background is white and the photo is sharp. You must also follow the instructions and have content ready for editing in text format in several seconds. It supports cloud sharing, which is an option of adding watermark.


Save the details of your associate in just a few seconds in your phonebook through using this app, which also uses OCR to make the printed business cards into readable formats that are automatically saved in your phonebook. You may also share card details through WhatsApp or Bluetooth in Vcard format. Not only the OCR by the ScanBizCards look cool during a business meeting, you will also save more time during interactions to include a contact in your phone automatically.


It’s an app that will let you take notes in a fine tuned way. It comes with built-in checklists, workspace to draw, sketch, attach some imagers, add attachments for the PDFs and docs, and doodle and share notes through email within the app.


Even if there are other file sharing and real time messaging apps you can find in today’s market, Slack wins due to its popularity and design’s simplicity. It comes with Google+ Hangouts, Asana, DropBox, Zendesk, and Twitter integrations. A quick processing algorithm and push notifications make the platform user-friendly and responsive. Each message is archived, making searching a breeze.

There are other apps you can use on your computers and mobile devices. Those are just some of the commonly used and highly in demand.

Question To Ask Your Stone Patio Contractor

There are several things that you might want to or need to ask your patio contractor. Since hardscaping – as patio construction, wall retaining and installation is known as – is a relatively new term, there are so many questions and queries one might have to ask from a professional stone patio contractor.

Seeking Answers To Queries From Patio Contractor

If you have questions to ask from the patio contractor as well, you are at the perfect place. In this article, we are discussing some of the top questions you should ask the stone patio contractor to address.

Foundation of patio

If you have had any experience in paver patio installation before, you must know how important the role of the foundation or base is for the paver patio. It needs to be the perfect dry and seamless smooth as well as solid for the patio to stand over it. So this is basically one of the most important things that should be on your mind.

Budget of patio

Hardscaping can be very pricey and expensive as it is relatively new and high in demand. If you do not pay attention to details, the total expense can be sky high and that is the last thing you want to happen. Therefore, you should make sure to ask the expert for a one-to-one sitting discussion over the budget of the services. The budget should be clearly set and highlighted before everything else so that both parties have a clear insight into what lines they should be moving on.

Materials for patio construction

The last thing that you should be during any process of hardscaping is ignorant towards important facts such as what materials are being used. This is another very crucial question you should ask the contractor to address – the type of materials that are being used in the construction and installation process. The materials that are used in the process hugely determine the durability.

Licensed patio contractor

The one thing that you should be very much be concerned about with the patio expert is whether he or she comes with an approved license to offer the services or not. We live in an era where scam is such a common deal that finding a genuine person with the right expertise can be very difficult. Hence, for your personal satisfaction and to ensure that you are trusting the right person with your time and money is to double-check for a license beforehand.


The one thing that the stone patio contractor long island should be able to offer to you is a guarantee for the quality and output of services that you are availing. It is important to remember that no matter how much you try; it is not possible to bring the cost of hardscaping too low in the given time. Hence, it is best that you only choose services that are worthy enough for your effort, time and financial investment. Disappointment in this case is not something you would want to deal with.

Top 6 Maintenance Tips To Avoid Roof Leaks

You may have called the roof repair contractors at least once in your life after the installation of your roof, right? Well, unlike before, we have some maintenance tips for you which might help you avoid a roofer in the first place!

Causes of Roof Leakage

Before we dive into the maintenance tips, it is crucial to acknowledge the cause of the problem. Roof leaks are common especially after a heavy drizzle or a heavy snowstorm. Sometimes, there isn’t any need for such situations to arise when it comes to leakage. Meaning a roof leakage can occur anytime and anywhere when the roof isn’t kept maintained.

Anyways, let’s discuss some of the main causes of roof leakage as told by expert roofers:

  1. Faulty Shingles

Faulty shingles mean the shingles are either folded or curled, missing in large chunks in random areas throughout the roof, or simply broken because of severe weather conditions. The next thing is that the shingles have become bouncy and moist because of the increased humidity. These shingles when encountered with some faults are prone to leakage.

  1. Missing Caulks

Sometimes, the cause of leakage is the missing caulks in the chimney. Again, due to less amount of exposure to the sun, the chimney walls become moist. This moisture seeps into every corner eventually moistening the caulks and slowly removing them. Such removal of missing caulks can lead to moisture in greater amounts which eventually causes leakage.

  1. Gutters

Some roofers say that leakage can occur if your gutters are not properly maintained. The reason is because gutter water is exposed out of the house through the roof pipe so any problem in it can cause a leakage in your roof.

  1. Extended Branches

If your lawn is filled with high branched trees, then one of your source for leakage is this as well as roofers suggest. Reason is because the trees always drops leaves and other debris on the roof. The accumulation of these can cause a hole which in turn becomes a cause for the leak. Other options include animals residing in trees do not stay in trees for long. They wander around eventually coming on to your roof and sometimes trampling with it making holes. And the most important of all, severe weather conditions can cause the branches to vigorously scratch your roof hence damaging it.

  1. Poor Maintenance

It is important for you to have your roof checked at least once after every two months. The reason is that if there are any chances of problems then they can be fixed accordingly without turning it into a huge danger. But if you ignore maintenance completely, then there are chances that your roof might be just prone to every problem out there.

  1. Holes in The Attic

Sometimes, the cause of roof leakage can be the various problems of attic. The problems include small holes in the ceilings, holes in the pipes or clogs. Small leakages all over the pipes which slowly moist your walls causing a leakage.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Roof Leakages

Although leakages are a serious problem and requires proper roof repair contractors, there are still various ways through you can avoid the leakage in the first place. Remember preparation removes the chances of recovery and repair. So prepare yourself in the following ways:

  1. Have A Proper Maintenance Every Two Months

Have your roof checked after every two months. Call in a professional or contractors in your area and make them inspect your roof for problems. If there are, they can take care of it right away. If not, then good for you. If you can’t get a hold of your contractor then try inspecting it yourself. look for some visible signs until you can get someone to check it for you.

  1. Trim Your Trees

Branches provide shade, true… but as discussed earlier, they can be the cause of leakage. So trim your tree branches from time to time. If possible, hire a landscape guy to do it for you.

  1. Replace Your Shingles

Replace your shingles or fill up the vacant area where the shingles used to be fixed before.

  1. Caulk Your Chimney

Seal your chimney and make sure to caulk it firmly.

  1. Gutters

Keep your gutters clean and maintained. If you ask any of the roof repair contractors riverside ct in your locality, the first advice they will give you to avoid a leakage is to keep your gutters well maintained.

  1. Attic

Get a roofer to inspect your attic when you encounter a leakage. Or better yet look for the faults in pipes yourself.

Significance Of Loving Yourself Before Loving Someone Else

If truth be told, those who do not love themselves can never love anyone else. Any relationship requires a healthy self-esteem and self-love. Those who do not love themselves, are forever in the grip of fear and insecurity. This tends to ruin their relationship with everyone, since, unworthiness leads to suspicion and doubts. Such people underestimate the person who loves them, and their relationship has no hope for future.

Before creating a bond with others, knowing and accepting yourself is essential. People sometimes associate self-love with egoism. However, it is not the case. It has more to do with self-understanding, knowing your needs, and loving according to it.

Love booms only when you are comfortable with your own self. When your happiness becomes your priority, love for others naturally develops. There is an uncountable number of people, who are so scared of accepting their flaws and imperfections, that they fall in love, or pretend to fall in love for all the wrong reasons. To please others, to suppress the pain, to settle, or to battle loneliness. Instead of walking down this path there is a much better option. SELF-GROWTH!

How To Self Love?

Work to make yourself the person you think you are not! The one you want to be. Climb your way there and proudly fall as many times as you have to. Ignite that fire within, fan the flames, go and test yourself to your full potential. Only then will you be able to confront yourself. You will know who you are. Even if you fall to rock bottom, rise again with all your energy and move towards your goal with all the vigor and passion.

Society and media have mixed up love with approval, and fixing the imperfections to appear with a pristine appearance. We have started to hide beneath the masks we have been forced to wear, and with time the weight of that masks seems too heavy to bear, and so we observe changes in our behavior. That is the time when start losing people around us. You get emotionally exhausted. IT is actually the time when you should give up the façade and embrace your authentic self!

Importance of self love

Self-love means to understand the fact that you deserve the best. You are not less than anyone but complete in your own way. Bring out your true self for everything inside you is beautiful and part of you. When you empty yourself only then can you make space for love to flow your way. You can tailor your own definition of love that is free from pretense.

Good things take time to happen, and when the time is right, you will get whatever you desire. Just never stop believing in yourself and your inner self. The more you will care for your own self, the more you will understand the needs of others. This way you will be able to love others. And remember you don’t need others approval to be who you are. you are YOU. And you are unique.

What You Should Expect After Getting Braces

The dental braces of today are very effective at making your teeth straight and the size has gotten a lot smaller, they are made more comfortable today and normally quicker than how they used to do it.

Know about dental braces

If you are thinking of getting braces, you may be thinking whether they are going to hurt and what you must expect once you have them on. If your dentist already told you what you need to know, there is no reason for you to get confused or nervous when you already have the braces on your teeth. Even if you need to give extra effort and time, everything will be worth it.

Expect these things from dental treatment


Regardless of the kind of braces you have, they are going to need adjustment. Even if you chose a different aligner now, you are going to have them changed to a clearer one after every few weeks, and this depends on what the dentist recommends. Braces are there to slowly move your teeth to straighter angles, and there will be pressure.  There are people who have more discomfort compared to others, but the good thing is that the pressure has less severity through time and could last 2 to 4 days.

Your smile will be different

Depending on the kind of braces you have, you will have a slight change in appearance after getting braces. The traditional metal one is a silvery metal jacket that the dentist will put on your teeth and then there will be a metal archwire attached to the brackets. There are those who have clamped brackets onto its archwire, while are going to have rubber bands connecting the wire and the brackets. There are rubber bands for those with an overbite and other types could be attached based on what is needed.


If you need metal braces, there is a possibility that you will experience mouth sores, especially in the beginning. You need to be patient because your gums and mouth are not accustomed to the teeth brackets you have on so allow this time for you to adjust. In case of a sore, there is orthodontic wax to cover that section of the braces that caused the sore and your mouth will get protection. After your mouth is used to them, the sores should be gone after a while. Orthodontic wax can be helpful in alleviating any sore discomfort, so this is what you need to use to get you through this.

5 days

After almost 1 week since getting your braces, you should only feel a small amount of discomfort if there is any. By now, you should be able to speak like normal and eating will be like before. Even if you still find it hard to eat hard foods, your normal diet should be back by this time already. However, it is still not advisable to eat ice, nuts, chips, hard and sticky candy, popcorn, bagels, apples, and the like.

Teeth cleaning with braces

It may be more complicated to clean your teeth once you have braces, but it is important. If you are not practicing proper oral hygiene, there can be a build up of plaque and it will harden around the brackets. After the dentist removes the braces, you will have stains where the brackets used to be if you do not do regular teeth cleaning. Poor oral hygiene can also cause cavities that causes problems. In order to avoid these problems, make sure to clean your teeth well. Brushing should be done after every meal to get rid of food that might have gotten stuck.

Use a fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes, twice daily. Remember that braces easily wear out the bristles of toothbrush so make sure to change it more often than waiting for 3 months. Flossing is very important while you have braces on, but it is harder. Instead of using the traditional floss, get a flossing threader made specifically for patients wearing braces.

Having braces on requires more oral care than before, but after you are done with them, you are surely going to thank your dentist falls church va.

What Is Net Neutrality And Why You Should Be Concerned?

Everyone loves the internet. You can be who you want, post whatever you like, download games and movies and you have freedom of speech.

At least, this was the basic purpose of net neutrality. It meant that the internet acted as a neutral entity to any business organization or any content posted.

The Concerning Factor about internet

In December 2017, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) passed a bill which attacks the basic principle of net neutrality.

What Does Internet Neutrality Mean?

It means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc. will have absolute control.

They can start a paying scheme which can act as a filter. Of course, this would be beneficial to already established tech empires. They would have money to influence campaigns.

Imagine a scenario in which you started a business but your ISP starts demanding additional money from you, to give you preferential treatment. If you don’t give them more money, your website will lag.

Powerful conglomerates can pay the money. They can even pay to crush their competitors. Their websites will get loaded up in no-time but what about young emerging talent?

Facebook is an example of emerging talent which was just an idea in the vicinity of Mark Zuckerberg’s college room but due to net neutrality, it became famous and gradually defeated its opponent of that time, My Space.

 Why Should You Worry?                

Let’s say the ISP you are getting internet from is conservative in nature. If FCC gives absolute authority to ISP, the ISP will have the authority to block certain content.

In America, religious minorities are often persecuted. Previously, Internet neutrality was a means of freedom of expression for those minorities so that they could raise their voices.

With absolute authority into the hands of ISP, they get to decide which content to air and which not to.

Should Net Neutrality Be Voided?

Absolutely Not. Internet is a global network which should be given to everyone living on this planet, without any preferential treatment. If one strong group gets to influence the ISP of their region, freedom of speech would not be inculcated in its true sense.

Experts believe that this could start riots and hate crimes. Five fingers are not equal. The world is divided into conservatism and liberalism. With internet acting as a neutral source, both sides get to picture their side of story which helps clearing the minds of general public.

What Can You Do?

Congress has the powerful to overturn the decision of FCC. As a citizen, you can make a change which can help in betterment of internet.

You can request your local lawmakers to adopt the policy of “resolution of disapproval” The required resolution can overturn the decision of FCC to dismantle the rules of net neutrality.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” – If you don’t speak now, it is highly likely that the ban will affect you and the upcoming generations of our prestigious country.