Construction industry is all about heavy weights and carrying them. Material and equipment are moved from one place to another while others are carried to height. For this mobile crane rentals or other tools are used.

Common lifting equipment used in construction

Tower Cranes

Cranes of various types are used. Tower cranes are one of them. Crane for rent are available nowadays everywhere. What makes tower cranes so popular and useful in lifting is their ability and capacity to reach greater heights. According to mobile crane rentals, they are stable, easy to operate and can carry more weight. They are quite good for multi-story buildings. Tower crane is the widely used tool in construction.


Usually, it is believed the excavators are used only for excavation or digging purposes. However, they are an important tool that have many other uses. They are also used for lifting heavy weight. If the height is not much, an excavator will be a decent option. They are a safe option when compared with other equipment and machines. You can move them from one position to another without any troubles according to crane for rent services. They can work in any type of soil and weather conditions.

Construction Hoists

Construction hoist is another equipment which can be seen being used in constructions works. They have a number of uses. They contain a tower as well as a cabin. The weight is lifted through the tower to move vertically. This means the construction hoist is used when it comes to lifting weight and other material to height. They can also move the material horizontally. Using hoists is easy and they are safe as well which makes them a good option for lifting purpose in construction works.

Mobile Cranes

Apart from tower cranes, mobile cranes are also used in constructions work for lifting and carrying material. They are smaller in size as compared to other cranes which makes them easy to use at any position. The best thing about mobile crane rentals is that they are movable just like a vehicle. Due to this reason, construction industry relies largely on the mobile cranes. Whether it be moving or carrying material or lifting anything- they are the ideal option for small level use.

Various Types of Lift

Lifts are also widely used in the construction sector. There are different types of lifts like knuckle lift, scissors lift and others. These lifts have different capacities when it comes to lifting weight and load. Knuckle lift is considered far better option because it can move and is easy to operate. Other types of lifts have low capacity which does not allow them to carry much weight and move them from one position to another.

Hydraulic Elevators

With the passage of time, the construction industry innovated new equipment and tools for weight lifting and carrying material. The hydraulic elevators are new but are considered very reliable and safe option. They are quite good when it comes to moving material in solid or solution form. However, it should be noted these elevators are safe for medium height. They are not ideal for more height and if used, can lead to damages and accidents.


We have talked about the construction hoist. Telehandlers are a sort of construction hoist which is widely acceptable in the construction sector. They provide great support when it comes to moving material to the greater heights. They are also used to create a platform for the workers. Telehandlers are ideal for heavy weight because they have better capacity than other construction hoists.

Dump Trucks

Most of the tools and equipment we mentioned above are used for heights. But there are some other equipment which offer great help in the construction works for carrying material and weight. Dump trucks are also used for the same purpose. They are useful to move material and carry things. They have good weight carrying capacity and make work pretty easy.


You may have used forklifts if you are in the construction industry or used crane for rent VA. Contractors use these tools for carrying weight. They are also considered a great option for taking material to the height. They are safe, easy to use and allow maximum comfort. For this reason, they have become popular in the construction sector.