Commercial ovens accumulate grease, spills, and other debris every and they must be cleaned to keep the food hygienic and prevent sudden breakdowns of the oven. If your oven shows problems, get a commercial appliances repair technician to inspect it. To prevent this from happening, keep in mind these dos and don’ts of commercial oven cleaning.

Do Schedule Daily Cleaning

Appliances in a commercial kitchen are used non-stop in many cases for preparing food and serving customers. But even if your oven is never free during the bust times of the day, you should consider a daily cleaning schedule.

You can make it essential for the staff to clean the oven at the start of the work day or at the end of the work day. It’s better if the oven is cleaned at both times, but if you have a busy kitchen, you can get away with cleaning the oven at only one time of the day.

However, daily cleaning is critical for your oven and never ignore it for saving time or money because a dirty oven may not work as efficiently.

When cleaning a conveyor oven, you should remove all the removable components before starting to clean it. Then, clean the removable parts separately.

Don’t Let Crumbs Alter The Food’s Taste

Accumulation of crumbs in commercial ovens is a common problem. The disadvantage of this is that crumbs can produce smoke and can also change the taste of the food cooking in the oven. This can impact your business.

Crumbs accumulate quickly so tell your staff to control crumbs by putting in and putting out the food carefully. Moreover, keep the oven’s interior clean.

Do Use An Industrial Oven Cleaner

Commercial ovens are used frequently throughout a working day, so the grease and food spills will be difficult to remove with regular cleaners. Therefore, use an industrial oven cleaner for proper cleaning. This tip is essential for commercial kitchens where the ovens are not cleaned for days.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Racks

At the end of a working day, a commercial oven will be dirty. So, many people will clean the obvious interior of the oven ignoring the racks. Food debris and grease stick to the racks as well so remove them from the oven and clean them separately.

As they are removable, you can comfortably use soapy warm water to clean them and put them back after drying them.

Do Have A Monthly Cleaning Plan

Daily cleaning of your oven and other commercial equipment is good for carrying out the day’s activities easily. However, commercial kitchens must be thoroughly cleaned once a month including all the appliances. Therefore, you should be cleaning the thoroughly once a month as well.

For this deep cleaning, you schedule it in the morning and start the business a few hours late, or in the evening closing the business a few hours early. Remember that by keeping your commercial kitchen and equipment clean, you’re improving your food quality and most probably increasing your customer base.

Don’t Forget To Clean Spills Immediately

Apart from having a daily and monthly cleaning schedule for your commercial oven, your staff should be careful when using the oven. They must clean spills immediately to prevent them from becoming a mess later.

This not only keeps the food’s taste fresh, but it will also make the daily cleaning easier because the stains won’t be too difficult to clean.

Do Inspect The Door Regularly

With usage, the seal of your oven’s door will wear. It’s a small part attached to the door of an oven to keep heat from escaping the appliance. When the seal is worn, heat will easily escape from the oven, this will increase the time for preparation of food in the oven.

Plus, this will increase the energy costs because the oven will use more energy to reach the temperature because of the door seal problem.


Commercial ovens collect grease, food particles, and other with every cooking cycle, so you must keep it clean by creating a daily and monthly schedule. If you experience issues in your oven, call commercial oven repair Fairfax services as quickly as possible to fix it quickly and reduce the downtime of your appliance.