Some people, who are interested in rugs and its different varieties, actually do not know the differences between Persian rugs and oriental rugs. To make this matter known to such people I am going to explain some of the important differences between contemporary Persian rugs and the oriental rugs that have been accepted by all the rug enthusiasts.

Persian rugs are iconic

The Persian rugs possess an iconic status among all other rugs due to the attractiveness of them and due to the fact that they are developed by gifted artisans who   acquired their skill from their ancestors through generations. Persia usually represents the Old Persian Empire the boundaries of which had varied many times over thousands of years. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the present name of erstwhile Persia. The Persian rug is universally considered as the best quality oriental rugs and carpets. The oriental area can roughly be considered as the area which ranges from Mediterranean cost to
China and it also includes countries like Iran, Afganisthan, Pakistan, Tibet,  some parts of India etc.

Persian rugs are a good financial investment

Authentic Persian rugs are considered a safe investment.  These rugs are long lasting and they can be removed from one room to the other. Further, their appearance and attractiveness do not diminish even after a lot of year. There are always many buyers for second hand Persian rugs also. This persuades interested persons to spend the money they save from their income for buying them whenever authentic ones are available in the shops near them. If after some years the financial condition of such a person becomes bad he can sell the rug for some profit and meet his financial crisis.

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are all hand made using wool and natural dyes. In rare cases these rugs are woven using natural wools without using any dye to give them artificial colors. Natural wools are available in subtle colors like brown, ivory, black, beige etc. Some such rugs are made making use of long wool strands which is up to 2 inches of pile. Some popular styles like Ardabil, Tabriz, Heriz, Gabbeh etc are examples of styles used in oriental rugs.

Appropriate cost of a good Persian rug

It can be correctly assumed to cost anything between $100  and $1000 for one orient rug of good quality according to the criteria you fix for the rugs needed by you. You may need a small rug to use on your bedside and a rectangular one to spread on the floor space of your lounge. One may also prefer a circular rug for giving a warm greeting to the guest arriving in your residence. You may also use a rug to be used as runner for your stairways. Persian rugs are available in different colors and intricate geometric designs

People usually consider Persian antique rugs online as traditional rugs with geometric designs. This is not really true. Take a second look and you will be surprised to see the modern trends in Persian rug designs. Some rugs come in single color. Some others come with contemporary designs with vibrant and bright colors. The most appealing side of the present day is the Gabbeh Persian rugs which  are having  very appealing look.