Sleep clinic Urbana MD claims that many sleep disorders are caused mainly by few of our wrong practices that we are doing unknowingly. To spread awareness, they have listed some common habits which contribute a lot in creating sleeping disorders.

Habits that lead sleep disorders

Let’s have a quick look at few of them,

  1. Eating Right Before Bedtime

There is no harm in it if you take some light snacks but if you are used to having proper meal before bedtime then this is absolutely wrong. In many sleep clinics, one of the major causes of sleep disorders is found to be eating meals right before bedtime. It is because when you eat a proper meal then your digestive system starts working making it difficult for your body to fall asleep and ultimately resulting in some terrible sleep disorders.

  1. Not Removing Your Contact Lenses While Dozing Off

If you are a regular user of contact lenses, then you probably go for buying the ones that you may wear while sleeping. But doing that on regular basis is only causing you harm as it may result in eye infection while you can also not have an uninterrupted sound sleep. Your eyes need a break when you are wearing lenses and if you don’t give that break and try to fall asleep then it will be restless sleep resulting in increased fatigue level as well.

  1. Consuming Caffeine or Alcohol Near Bedtime

Caffeine is generally supposed to be consumed in morning to have a refreshing start ahead then you can imagine how bad idea it is to take it near bedtime. Sleep study centers claims that caffeine effects are there in your body from six to ten hours so it is better to limit your caffeine intake to only one cup in the morning time. Same goes for alcohol consumption which ruins your REM sleep badly that is very important for your body and of course brain restoration.

  1. Varying Timings of Sleeping Every Day

If you sleep on different timings every day, then you are probably doing wrong with your body. It is better to make a schedule of sleeping and stick to that schedule for keep your body healthier. It is because if you do it in irregular manner then your body will get confused about when to feel tired and when to feel fresh and ultimately you will end up affecting your natural clock badly.

  1. Consuming Great Amount of Spices

Apart from eating before bed time, amount of spices you are consuming also plays an important role in your sleep patterns. If the spice level is very high, then forget about having smooth sleep as you have invited indigestion yourself. This might result in upset stomach and you end up spending your night in sleep clinic instead of your cozy and comfortable bed.

  1. Watching Television

As per the current trend, people used to keep a television in their bedrooms to watch their favorite series just before dozing off which is completely wrong practice. In fact, keeping television in your bedroom is itself a wrong act as it will badly harm your sleeping patterns. It is because watching television right before sleeping will make your brain active which is supposed to rest at that time.

  1. Exercising Before Bedtime

Though it is a very good way of having relaxed and sound sleep but you need to do that on proper timings. Doing it very near to your bedtime is only going to ruin you sleep and nothing else. Studies carried out in sleep study centers advises people to wrap up their working out session within three hours before bedtime to not to impact your sleep in a negative manner.

  1. Using Electronic Gadgets

This is something very common in all ages of people which is badly affecting our sleep patterns resulting in several medical issues. As per sleep center damascus, there is a hormone of melatonin responsible for sound sleep is badly affected by the blue light coming out of your phones, laptops or tablets. The experts strictly advise not to use such gadgets near your bedtime to have a sound sleep while it also prevents you from any kind of severe sleep disorders in future.