Before you choose to hire a granite installer to carry out granite countertop installation, you should decide what granite color you will get. Granite countertops come in many overwhelming colors and here are a few most popular ones.


Luna pearl is a very bold color than a marble slab but luxurious, nonetheless. Most people choose granite countertops over marble due to the softness it has. Granite is fairly harder and has resistance to scratches. The pearl accents give a very luxurious, soft and luminescent look just like marble but it is disguised as granite. So this makes homeowners choose this color of granite over marble. Try mixing it with a white or light-colored furniture.


Spectral color is a very low-cost granite countertop option. Price is not the only trait but it also looks great in combination with any color theme of a kitchen’s cabinet or flooring. Its static black, white and grey color comes from very common granite stone and if you are looking for an affordable granite countertop that will look great then this color is the perfect choice for homeowners to ask for granite contractors for this color.


White granite comes in many contrasts. The white granite stone has a range of colors from faded white to shiny white. Ask for a catalogue from the granite installers and you will notice how many there are. White countertops have always been elegant in households and especially in the kitchen. White color is also very dynamic and looks good with any other color especially black. You can choose from a plain white countertop to a river-like sweeping pattern one. The white granite stone also ranges in prices according to the type of stone. Himalayan white, ice white, Kashmir white, river white, etc. are all just a few contrasts of this beautiful stone.


The polar opposite of white is a very popular choice of granite color for countertops. Granite is not actually found in black state and although some may say that the countertop slab is a black granite but there is a little bit of quartz involved in it too. Black countertops always look elegant, sleek and classy. Their masterclass is fully shown when they are put under proper lighting. The color is simple yet majestic and it gives a very chic look when it is combined with white or ebony kitchen space. Black also comes in many contrasts and patterns so there is a lot for you to choose from.


The ornamental color is much like a pattern that shows the elegance in a kitchen. Its color is very chic and it looks best when it is under proper lights. The color is beautified with is cream with white background and black and grey found all over it. The patterns of ornamental granite countertop make it very elegant and good to look at under lights. Due to its diverse colors, it also looks good in combination with different colors.

Santa Cecilia

With rich brown color and black colored accents, Santa Cecilia is one of the most popular granite countertops in the world. It has the perfect contrast of colors if they are combined with a darker themed kitchen furniture. Dark brown and ebony colors make this granite countertop slab come out of its shell and perform far better than you would imagine. Not only that, it can also be used with the white cabinets and it would blend in just fine. It has the perfect dark and light balance.


The brown color is also one of the common colors found in granite stones and your granite contractor Potomac will have this color available. You can find brown in light and dark tones with black or white accents. They look good in natural light as well as artificial light. The coffee-brown color is a slightly lighter brown color which would appear neutral and blend in with most cabinet colors especially brown wood. Its alternative, brown pearl, is a darker color and is basically a mosaic of dark brown, black and white. You can also combine it with dark as well as light-colored kitchen and it will give a luxurious look. It may look expensive but it is actually cheap.