Commercial dishwashers play an important role in the hospitality industry. Be it hospitals or restaurants, commercial dishwashers work around the clock to ensure customers and patients receive clean and bacteria-free dishes. However, sometimes, these dishwashers fail to start and require an inspection from a commercial appliances repair technician. If you are facing the same issue, here are some troubleshooting ideas.

Power Supply

The first thing you need to make sure if your commercial dishwasher is not starting is the power supply. It might be that the unit is not receiving power. Plus, most dishwasher plugs are tucked away to prevent them from getting kicked, so there is a low chance that the socket is going to be faulty.

You should try removing the dishwasher from it and plug in something else or another appliance like a garbage disposal into the socket to see if the socket is working. If the replacement device does not work, it means the socket needs to be changed and you will need to replace it.

On the other hand, if the replacement device turns on, you should check the main power supply of the dishwasher for any cracks or damages. If everything seems fine, you should inspect the circuit breaker and check if the fuse is blown. Replace the fuse and try turning on the machine.

Door Latch Switch

Once you have checked the power supply, it is time to inspect the door latch switch. More often than not, the door latch switch is ignored. However, it is a security feature that doesn’t allow the machine to turn on. The door latch switch ensures that the door is properly sealed before the machine can start functioning.

However, the door latch switch can sometimes develop problems such as being jammed or broken. It might be that food, old soap, or gunk gets stuck in the door latch. This will jam the latch and prevent the door from sealing properly.

Furthermore, it could also be that the child safety setting is switched on. Children are always curious and will touch anything they find unusual. So, this is where the door latch switch comes into play.

And finally, it could be a broken latch as well. Even though latches take some time to break and wear out if it is, the door will surely not close together and the machine won’t receive a signal to turn on. Therefore, you will need to replace the latch before using it again.

Problem With The Control Panel

The control power is the main source, which controls the machine. It includes the settings and a mini-computer inside that transfers your commands to the main computer of the machine. If the control panel tends to become problematic, the machine might not turn on. In fact, the control panel won’t turn on in most cases.

It might be that the dishwasher may have a hung cycle problem. You can try restarting it to see if the situation fixes itself. Moreover, try shutting down the machine and turning it back on from the main source.

If that does not solve the issue, the problem may lie with the start switch, selector switches, or the electric timer control. If the switches happen to malfunction, the machine will simply not start. The reason is that it will not receive the signal it needs to turn on.

Internal Components

Finally, it comes down to the internal components. If everything else seems to be working fine, you may want to check the internal components. Start by checking the motor relay. The relay is responsible for starting the motor by sending a signal. That said, if it is faulty, it won’t signal the machine to turn on.

Next, it could also be the drive motor. The swishing sound you hear inside the washing machine is basically the drive motor. If the drive motor is not working, the machine will not be able to clean the dishes properly due to the lack of serious water action. In worst-case scenarios, the machine won’t start. To fix the issue, you will need to call in a professional.

Final Word

In the end, dishwashers can experience all sorts of problems and some are easy to fix, while others are slightly complicated. So, if restarting the machine or replacing the fuse helps solve the issue, you are good to go. But if the situation seems complicated, better consult a commercial dishwasher repairs expert. topac