Commercial garbage disposal machines are important machinery for the hospitality industry. They are utilized by hospitals and restaurants that deal with thousands of patients and customers on a daily basis. Sometimes, commercial garbage disposal repair is complicated so some opt for total replacement. There are four types of garbage disposal machines including the batch feed, continuous feed, under-counter, and manual. Let’s discuss these types in detail to see which one suits your purpose. Let’s begin!

Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

The first type of commercial garbage disposal machine is the bath feed. As the term suggests, these types are designed to grind and dispose of food in small batches. Batch feed garbage disposals are identified by a stopper that is installed on the disposal opening.

Once the food has been put inside the disposal in small batches, the stopper is placed on the opening before the switch is turned on. The stoppers act as a safety feature especially if there are kids around. Since the kids tend to be curious, they might end up placing their fingers inside, which could lead to a serious injury.

This along with several other features make the batch feed garbage disposal slightly more expensive than the continuous feed disposals.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

As opposed to the batch feed garbage disposal, the continuous feed garbage disposal is designed to work non-stop and can grind comparatively larger batches of foods. These types will continue running unless you manually switch them off. As a result, the continuous feed garbage disposals tend to be more dangerous than the batch feed garbage disposal.

The machine keeps grinding the food items as you place them inside. Additionally, some grinders come with features such as advanced grinding, auto-reverse, and special circuitry. Furthermore, some garbage disposals also come with splash guards to prevent the food inside from splashing back up.

However, this type as compared to the batch feed disposal is easier to use and more budget-friendly.

Under Counter Garbage Disposal

The under-counter garbage disposal is mostly installed in homes. These are relatively smaller in size and are safer to use as well. Plus, under-counter garbage disposals are not meant for grinding large food items though. You have to make sure that food items do not get stuck in the blades as it can impede the grinding process.

Manual Garbage Disposal

Manual garbage disposals are manual as you have to turn on the switch for the machine to work. These types work more or less similar to the other types and also require regular maintenance. Manual garbage disposals are perhaps the safest option as they only function when they are manually turned on. This way, if you have kids in your house, you don’t have to worry about any potentially serious injuries. For restaurants, they are not recommended.

What Are The Different Ways Of Using A Garbage Disposal?

When it comes to using a garbage disposal, there are different ways such as getting rid of coffee grounds, shredding food waste, grinding down banana peels, etc. A garbage disposal process might seem simple from the outside but that does not mean you get to grind everything in a disposal system.

You have to keep several factors in mind. For instance, you should not use the disposal with running water. Running water helps with the grinding process and prevents food items from getting stuck inside. Plus, the pipes can clog as well.

Secondly, you should use cold water only. The reason is that cold water prevents grease from turning into liquid and jamming your pipes. Cold water in that respect keeps the grease, oil, and fat solid enough. And finally, avoid overloading your garbage disposal. Overfeeding can easily damage the blades inside and burn the machine.

How Does Garbage Disposal Type Affect The Trash Removal Process?

The garbage disposal process varies with the type of garbage disposal system. For instance, with the continuous disposal system, you keep placing food inside and it continues to run. This type is perfect for households with big families.

On the other hand, batch feed garbage disposals are suitable for relatively smaller households as they can only handle smaller food batches.

Final Word

That’s it! To opt for the perfect type, make sure you define your needs and preferences. If you current garbage disposal is malfunctioning, get it inspected by a commercial appliances repair technician before considering to a new one. topac