Commercial ice dispensers are used by many businesses and restaurants in their day-to-day tasks. You’ll need your ice dispenser to work properly even in cold weather, as people need ice in their drinks even in cold weather. Ice makers are therefore important for your bottom line. Any issue with your ice dispenser can cause problems in daily business tasks. However, since they are electrical equipment, they can go out of order if not cared for properly. As a business owner, you should know how to do or manage ice dispenser repair just in case it breaks down. Knowing what problem your ice dispenser is facing can help you get quick repairs. Below mentioned are some of the most common problems faced by most ice dispensers used by businesses.

Dispenser Not Dispensing Ice

If you have an ice dispenser which dispenses both ice and cold water, it can stop dispensing both at any time. When this happens, you should immediately see if your ice dispenser has enough inflow of water for its usage. Water flow might be turned off by someone by mistake, and turning it on will easily solve the issue.

Secondly, see whether your ice maker is switched on or off. If there’s too much ice stuck in the ice dispenser, it can prevent more ice from being made.

There should also be enough pressure of the water going into the dispenser. Low pressure water can keep the ice maker devoid of sufficient water to make ice. To avoid all these errors, you should occasionally hire ice dispenser repair experts to do preventive maintenance, and keep the machine working to help your business keep going smoothly.

There’s No Ice Being Made

Another common problem in commercial and household ice makers. If your ice maker is not making ice then first you should make sure that the machine is turned on. The temperature settings on your ice maker should also be checked to see if the temp is set correctly or not.

If your ice maker doesn’t make ice even after being turned on and being set on the right temperature, there can be an issue with the water line. Water lines can either get frozen or clogged. In this case, you should try turning the ice maker off for a while, and should wait for the water line to defrost. However, if even following this step doesn’t help the ice maker make ice, you should call an expert for help.

Less Ice Is Being Made

If you’re noticing that your ice maker is making less ice than normal, you should check the whole machine for frozen lines first. Usually, modern machines have defrosting functions built into them, and your machine might start a defrost cycle on its own. If not, you can try turning the machine off to help it defrost.

However, if none of the above-mentioned steps seem to work, you should call an appliance repair expert for repair.

A Leaking Ice Dispenser

It is also possible that a malfunctioning or damaged ice maker start emitting water. A common sign of this is that you’ll start noticing water on the floor near your ice maker. When this happens, you should first see if the source of water is really the ice maker, and if it is, then you should check its pipes for any possible leaks.

The position of the filler cap in your ice maker can also cause the water leakage problem. However, if you can’t find any reason for the leak, or can’t fix the issue after detecting it, you should get the machine checked by an expert.

A Frozen Ice Maker

A hyperactive ice maker can freeze the water before it even gets into the intended place for conversion into cubes. When this happens, you should set your thermostat to the recommended temperature.

However, in some cases, the water might still keep freezing even after setting the thermostat properly. In this case, you should get in contact with an expert to get the ice maker repaired properly.

So, these were some common problems you can run into when you have an ice maker, and some easy ways to get rid of ice maker problems. If you need quick results, hire an expert who does commercial ice maker repairs Alexandria.