We have grown up admiring and fantasizing over robotics. It only appears to be a dream come true now that robots are becoming a real thing. But with all the awe and admiration on one side – let’s think realistically. What well we (humans) be left to do with one robots take over most of the things we do on our day to day basis? Let’s explore.

How Have Robots Taken Over?

Over the years, we have seen robots slowly make their ways into our lives and take over things. By robots, we are of course referring to the latest advanced technology and the resulting products that have come out of it. Many things that our elders used to do on their own have been taken over by technology. Even the minimalist tasks like cleaning the house with a sweep have been replaced with a hover and writing hand letters has been replaced with social media.

How Will Robotics Continue To Evolve?

Scientists have predicted the evolution of robotics to be much greater in the coming years – meaning more of human tasks will be taken over by technologically controlled robots. You must have heard about the news of the self-driving delivery car. An automated car that arrives at your home with an oven hot pizza or Dunkin Donuts boxes right at your doorstep. It is all cool and trendy but what happens to the traditional pizza man and salesman delivery? This is a big question.

  1. Jobs Will Be Taken Over

If we want to look at the whole scenario realistically and practically – the fact that most of the jobs will indeed be taken over by robots is the biggest truth that lurks on our heads. This can lead to economic growth but will cause a great deflation as far as employment rate is concerned. Now how can a country or economy progress if a major part of its population is jobless is a question that is yet to be addressed by experts.

  1. Sit Around Idly

With nothing much left to do – all organizations, industries and households for that matter being taken care of by robots – there will only be one thing left to do for the people. They will end up sitting idly all day and night, with nothing to do and all the free time in the world at their feet. There are big chances that this lifestyle and a world like this will eradicate all charms of holidays or festivities because it is in fact the busy life that makes holidays and days off from work seem like a bliss.

  1. Make Efforts To Stay Healthy

The one thing that every living person will surely have to do is make great efforts to stay healthy and in good physical health. You cannot imagine people who sit idly with nothing to do and lack of physical activity being healthy in the long run. Staying in good health will definitely become a challenge that people will have to tackle.