Everyone loves the internet. You can be who you want, post whatever you like, download games and movies and you have freedom of speech.

At least, this was the basic purpose of net neutrality. It meant that the internet acted as a neutral entity to any business organization or any content posted.

The Concerning Factor about internet

In December 2017, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) passed a bill which attacks the basic principle of net neutrality.

What Does Internet Neutrality Mean?

It means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc. will have absolute control.

They can start a paying scheme which can act as a filter. Of course, this would be beneficial to already established tech empires. They would have money to influence campaigns.

Imagine a scenario in which you started a business but your ISP starts demanding additional money from you, to give you preferential treatment. If you don’t give them more money, your website will lag.

Powerful conglomerates can pay the money. They can even pay to crush their competitors. Their websites will get loaded up in no-time but what about young emerging talent?

Facebook is an example of emerging talent which was just an idea in the vicinity of Mark Zuckerberg’s college room but due to net neutrality, it became famous and gradually defeated its opponent of that time, My Space.

 Why Should You Worry?                

Let’s say the ISP you are getting internet from is conservative in nature. If FCC gives absolute authority to ISP, the ISP will have the authority to block certain content.

In America, religious minorities are often persecuted. Previously, Internet neutrality was a means of freedom of expression for those minorities so that they could raise their voices.

With absolute authority into the hands of ISP, they get to decide which content to air and which not to.

Should Net Neutrality Be Voided?

Absolutely Not. Internet is a global network which should be given to everyone living on this planet, without any preferential treatment. If one strong group gets to influence the ISP of their region, freedom of speech would not be inculcated in its true sense.

Experts believe that this could start riots and hate crimes. Five fingers are not equal. The world is divided into conservatism and liberalism. With internet acting as a neutral source, both sides get to picture their side of story which helps clearing the minds of general public.

What Can You Do?

Congress has the powerful to overturn the decision of FCC. As a citizen, you can make a change which can help in betterment of internet.

You can request your local lawmakers to adopt the policy of “resolution of disapproval” The required resolution can overturn the decision of FCC to dismantle the rules of net neutrality.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” – If you don’t speak now, it is highly likely that the ban will affect you and the upcoming generations of our prestigious country.