A networking or corporate event sounds extremely boring, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan it correctly and hire the right people such as planners and corporate tent rentals. Here are some things you can do to make your event a success among the attendees.

Know Your Guests

One of the easiest ways to get the conversation going with different people at an event is to know them beforehand. It’s good to know your guests and the people who are attending, what they do, what they are passionate about and all that jazz. In this way, when you go and approach them, neither of you will stand there in awkward silence. You will know how to steer the conversation in the right direction and people will engage more with you. This is a great tactic which will make your event less of a dread for people who are iffy about opening up about their career journeys.

Have Fun After-Event Activities

An event as unamusing as a networking event can be made more fun by having after-event activities which will wipe the frown off peoples’ faces once and for all. If you have an after-event dinner, make sure to encourage the guests to go with you for some fun.

Food is always a good ice breaker and people can mingle over nice food and a good environment which has nothing to do with networking and business development. It’s always a good idea to go easy with the “networking” and not throw it in people’s faces.

Engage With The Audience

It’s not a networking event if you do all of the chit chat. Let people in your conversation and make small talk with them. If there is a decent audience, then ask them engaging and interesting questions to make them feel included in the event. Networking is not just about throwing out business information everywhere you go, it’s about an exchange with other people who are on the same path as you. And who knows? Maybe you both can gain some insight from each other about how to make your business even better. So, communication during the event is important.

Have Some Entertainment

Don’t make this networking event a huge professional deal. It is a chill and laid-back event in which people can share their own opinions and have fun. To make the fun part happen, you want to include a lot of entertainment for the guests.

Whether it’s a small cozy music show, a show and tell for the audience or anything else, these small things will make all of the difference in how your event can go from a zero to a hundred in the span of an evening. Entertainment is key if you want the guests to remember your event in the future. This will make them go to your future events too.

Have Refreshments

No event, whether networking or not, is complete without refreshments. You can’t skip on the refreshments because the guests need something to keep them going through the night. A parched guest is not a good thing, so make sure you have a refreshment station where people can get their own drinks or you can have servers scouting the event and giving all the incoming guests refreshments of their choice. This will really make your event a hit and having fun refreshments will keep the guests entertained.

Scavenger Hunts

Who says you can’t play at a networking event? You can have fun treasure hunts and scavenger hunts for networking people. You can make these games more fun by incorporating business riddles and clues. This will be a huge form of entertainment for the guests.

At the end, you can have small goody bags for the winners of the game. This is not only good entertainment but it is a great way to mingle with other people. It’s something that the attendees will remember as a huge highlight and they will want to come back for more.


There you have it! These things are not only fun, but they are great icebreakers to get the people mingling with each other and make the most out of the event. Make sure you rent the right equipment from party rentals Rockland NY to make the event fun.