There are a lot of things other than hiring a good company for table and chair rentals for the wedding to make your wedding more memorable.

Things to know about wedding rentals

Here are some of them broken down:

  1. Innovative Invitations

Before you get to the nits and grits of the plans and costs of wedding tent rentals, you should first of all be creative and plan a beautiful invitation card that stands out in a unique sort of way. Make a list of people who you want by your side on your wedding day and then send out these invites at least 2 months prior. You can add some interactive things on your cards to make them memorable like a pop-up picture of you and your partner, colorful and vibrant, scratch off to reveal the date. Just make it special so that it signifies you.

  1. Appreciation of Guests

Guests are the most important people at your wedding. Without them, your wedding is just plain. They are your loved ones who may or may not have had an impact on your life. Some of them may have travelled to attend your big day. So keeping all these things in mind, you must start off by appreciating all the guests and tell them how much it means to you to have them attend your wedding. All the table and chair rentals for wedding won’t mean anything if the guests aren’t happy. A little love and appreciation will set the mood for the rest of the evening.

  1. A Beautiful Venue

Planning a venue probably the most important thing in a wedding planner. You and your partner must choose one that makes your wedding location a memorable one. It doesn’t matter whether it’s outside on the beach or a vineyard or inside in a church or a backyard you should have a good setup to make it memorable for all. Wedding tent rentals all come into play when planning a venue. Usually, the shore side is a viable option but vineyard or a public park are also popular among the people. There are a lot of unique venues that you also consider like ski-lodges, art galleries, amusement park like a wedding in Disneyland.

  1. Fireworks

Everybody loves a good firework show. Fireworks are a great way to add flair to your wedding. Pun intended. How big or how small firework has to be is entirely up to you. You must check in with the venue provider if they are okay with the fireworks otherwise you can stick to the sparkles. Make sure to have a firework show at the end so everyone has something memorable as they about to leave.

  1. Don’t Make It Boring By Prolonged Ceremony

Anything can be boring if it isn’t done the right way. Same can be said about your wedding. All the expenses you have on the lighting, fireworks, décor and table and chair rentals for wedding won’t suffice if your guests are bored with the prolonged periods of your ceremonies. Of course, the entry and exit have to take all the time they need because the spotlight is on you and you should maintain that throughout. Keep the proceedings for about 20 minutes each so that your guests don’t get tired and bored.

  1. A Good Music Playlist

Music is the core of the wedding and your DJ must know the essentials. Providing him with your own custom made playlist which consists of you and your close friend’s favorite songs will keep the dance floor packed all night long. Wedding songs for your first dance is essential then you can spice things up by mixing upbeat and slow songs and it’s up to a good DJ to transition. As long as the dance floor is full, your wedding night is automatically fun and memorable.

  1. Miscellaneous Fun Activities

There are a lot of fun activities you can set up at your wedding to make your guests interact with them like a photo booth where they can have fun and take out silly photos of themselves, bouncing castle which can be enjoyed by kids and adults, all the same, a sweet basket and lots more depending on your imagination.

Your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life despite the cost of wedding tent rentals Rockland and other expenses, you should try to make it fun.