Fireplaces are a very common thing to use if you live somewhere cold and want your space to be warm and cozy. Here is everything you need to know about gas fireplaces and whether these fireplaces can burn wood or not. And can you do it with or without the help of fireplace and chimney contractors.

A gas fireplace, as the name suggests, is what creates fire by burning gases, instead of wood or pellets. It is very similar in construction as any other fireplace, the only difference is the type of fuel which goes into the fireplace which burns and thus, gives you fire. The fire and the temperature can be controlled either by a small knob, very similar to a kitchen stove, or by a remote controller. Remote-controlled fireplaces are now more common as they are quite easy to handle and you can control the fire from your couch without having to move much muscle.

A gas fireplace is a much better option than a wood burning fireplace because there is little to no waste. The fire is warmer and you are not wasting trees to keep yourself warm. A wood burning fireplace is also very expensive and high maintenance as you need a lot of wood to get the fire going and the residue which is left after the wood is burnt to nothing is very hard to clean. Your chimney also needs a lot more maintenance than usual. This doesn’t happen with a gas fireplace.

Different Types Of Fireplaces

There are two main types of fireplaces:

Gas Fireplace: The gas fireplace is one where the fuel used to burn and produce fire is any type of gas. It is controlled with a knob or a regulator, so you can control how much gas you want to burn at a time.

Wood Fireplace: A wood burning fireplace is one where wood is burned and the fire is produced. There is a crucial need for a chimney in these types of fireplaces, because the soot and smoke from burning needs to have an exit where it can be expelled, so that it doesn’t clog up in the room where the fire is burning.

Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace?

No, you can’t burn wood in a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace is not designed to burn wood and even if you try, it can be a huge fire hazard. You can only use gas in a gas fireplace. Wood will not be able to burn in this designated fireplace. You need a special wood fireplace to be able to burn wood without setting anything else on fire.

However, there are several types of gas fireplaces which are designed to work both ways, which means that they can burn wood and gas, but they need to be specified.

What Are The Hazards?

Some hazards of burning wood in a gas fireplace are as follows:

  • A fire could be started which is very hard to control.
  • The room could be filled with smoke, since gas fireplaces are not designed with the ventilation for burning wood.
  • The black residue which is left after the wood has been burnt, will stick to the walls of the gas fireplace, making it almost impossible to clean.
  • The gas inlets and outlets can be damaged by the high temperature when wood is burnt in a gas fireplace.

Can I Convert It To A Wood Burning Fireplace?

There are a lot of fireplaces which can burn both gas and wood. They are primarily wood burning fireplaces, but they can be converted into gas burning fireplaces too. The only thing which is done to convert a gas fireplace into a wood fireplace is to get the gas line capped, so that no gas can escape the pipe when the fireplace is jumped to life. Then a ventilation system is introduced to help expel the smoke from the fireplace. This is a very easy way to convert a gas fireplace into a wood fireplace.

A gas fireplace is an amazing thing for keeping your room and house warm, but also reducing the burnt waste from a wood burning fireplace. However, keep it clean by using fireplace and chimney sweep services Upper Marlboro.