Nobody literally likes the sight of clogged drains. This is primarily because they are very disgusting and smell bad. However, this is not the only reason. Under the worst conditions, they can disrupt the entire working situation of a house. This includes the primary functions of the sink and washroom. Since people dislike drain clogs a lot, they should be adopting certain good habits to avoid such clogs. However, it is surprising that many people do not consider this. Ultimately, they have to call local drain cleaning services, in order to get rid of the clogs.

Daily habits to reduce clogged drains

However, just some simple regular habits can reduce the frequency of clogged drains significantly. In this regard, we have included a number of habits in this article that you can adopt. These include:

Do not flow food scraps in drain

A lot of people are lazy enough. As a result of this, they do not dispose the food scraps properly. In order to save their time and energy, they simply throw away all the food scraps into the drain (until it starts backfiring). As a result of this, food particles carry on building up in the drain. This ultimately results in a big clog that does not let water flow past. Consequently, the sink starts filling up.

Do not pour oil and grease in the drain

Yet another important thing to consider, is to avoid pouring down grease and oil in drains. While it is easy to throw away used cooking oil in the drain, this can result in the major build-up and clogging. Instead, make use of old cans or containers in which you can throw used oil and grease.

Clean the drain stoppers

There is literally no way you can stop hair and dirt from making its way in the drain stoppers. So, make sure that you have cleaned them all properly. As a result of this, the build-up of the hair can be avoided (which can later block your drain out).

Do not flush papers

Make sure that you are not using the toilet as a trash can. Toilets are not designed to handle hard materials such as paper products and wrappers. These things belong in the dustbin, and not in the toiler. However, you can certainly flush away toilet paper because it is very soft and does not cause clogging. But hard papers can certainly cause a serious clogging. Among all the clogs, toilets are the hardest to clean!

Make use of drain screens

Another simple solution is to make use of drain screens. The prime purpose of drain screens is to capture all the debris that can block your drains, before it even reaches the pipes. Drain screens can be installed bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and on kitchen sinks. Indeed, the easiest option in this case, is to stop the problem right at the source. This is better than waiting for it to become bigger (which can mess things up greatly).

Ending note

Just by improving your habits a little, you can reduce the frequency of drain clogs greatly. This will improve a number of problems related to your drains. Furthermore, it will save you plenty of time and money that you can spend on other things. However, in case things still go out of hand, get drain pipe inspection with camera as soon as possible. This way, you will know exactly what is causing the problem in your drain. In case there is a major clog, get it cleared as soon as possible in order to prevent further build-up. This is because once a clogging occurs, further build-up of materials is exponential (if you continue with the same habits).