Are you planning to get permanent hair straightening? If yes, you may be wondering whether it is for you or not. So, in order to be sure, we recommend you talk to a hairstylist first. In this regard, you can reach out to hair straightening salons and ask for advice. However, in order to help you out, we have included a lot of information in this article.

What are permanent hair straightening treatments?

Simply put, permanent hair straightening treatments are a type of chemical processing treatments for the hair. Depending on the type of method that you are using, you can straighten both curly and wavy hair using these treatments. Furthermore, a big number of treatments last for many months and even a year.

Usually, they will last until the new incoming hair totally replace the ones that are straightening. They are called permanent hair straightening treatments because the part of hair that gets straightened remains the same. So, in other words, the straightened hair will not go back to its original texture.

How many types of treatments are there?

There are a number of different types of hair straightening treatments that you can get. Most hair straightening treatments are either classified as semi-permanent straightening or permanent straightening technique. Furthermore, it is important to notice that each of these techniques make use of a different chemical formula.

Also, many of these treatments come in the form of kits that you can use at your home. However, since they are kind of difficult to use, it is not recommended to total beginners. After all, it is nearly impossible for you to get salon-level results just at home. Otherwise, nobody would bother to go to a hair salon anyway.

Home-permanent treatments

There is the type of treatments that you can do at your home. These treatments produce nearly the same results that you can get in a salon. However, these kits are designed to be easy for use. Hence, someone who does not have a lot of experience or training in cosmetology can also use them by following simply guidelines.

Usually, home-permanent hair straightening kits start at a price of $15 or more.

Semi-permanent straightening

Treatments such as Brazilian blow-out, keratin treatment, all fall under the category of semi-permanent hair straightening. This is because these treatments will last on your hair for a time period in between 3 to 5 months. Furthermore, you may have to take multiple appointments to the salon in order to finish its application.

Typically, a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment such as keratin treatment will cost you anywhere in between $150 to $200.

Thermal straightening

Thermal straightening is also referred to as Japanese thermal hair straightening. This is also referred to as acid permanent treatment. This is quite similar to keratin treatment, with some subtle differences.

Overall, in comparison to keratin treatment, thermal straightening treatment lasts a bit longer. In general, this type of treatment will last anywhere from 5 to 6 months. Furthermore, it will take about 6 hours for you to apply this treatment on your hair fully.

Ending note

Basically, all types of hair straightening treatments rely on the same strategy. They tend to apply some chemical solution on your hair. As a result of this, the configuration of protein in your hair get changed. Consequently, your hair gets straightened as new bonds are formed in the hair.

Now, the time taken for every treatment depends on the type of treatment. While some treatments will take longer, other treatments will be covered in a much lesser time. In order to learn more, visit your nearest keratin treatment salon Rockville and find out more.