There are a good number of crane services in every city that help contractors, constructors and even the government when they need crane for rent and other equipment. Not all contractors or people constructing houses, building, plazas and other things cannot afford these because they cost a lot. That is why people have started providing crane services to individuals or groups who need these. However, it needs to be looked into why you should hire a crane on rent and not buy it. This post will provide all the best reasons in this regard.

Reasons to Hire Crane Rental Services

  1. Focus on Safety

Crane services have heavy machinery and the cranes owned by them are dangerous for people who have not operated them before. If the companies own cranes and other machinery, they will need skilled drivers and labor to operate these and take care of them. This is something that will prove expensive.

  1. More Affordable Option

As stated earlier, the companies who need crane services may either hire such companies or acquire their own cranes. The second option is way more expensive because they spend a lot of money on machinery, labor, persons operating them and care and maintenance.

  1. Best Technology Available

When you are done with buying cranes, you will have to work with those and have no other options. In case you need more advanced tools or machinery, you will be heading for hiring such services. That means more cost. So hiring crane for rent is a way better option and saves a lot of capital, offers latest technology and better services.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

There is nothing hidden in the fact that cranes and heavy machinery need regular maintenance and repairing. The cost on maintenance can be spent just on rent for hiring such services. So you can save time, effort and money as well by just hiring cranes instead of buying them.

Types of Cranes and Their Uses

There are different types of cranes. Most of the cranes are used in construction, loading unloading equipment, lifting heavy objects and in industries. Here are some of the common types of cranes with their use and benefits.

  1. Mobile Cranes

This is the most standard type of crane and widely used in construction work. These are often used in situation where it is impossible to get close and hoist materials in the construction works. So the engineers and laborers can easily use this crane for materials and doing tough works.

  1. Tower Cranes

Tower cranes have become very popular in use and they do the best work on heights and some distance. These cranes use a kind of tower that is supported by the crane and it executes required jobs. Most of the tower cranes are in use when a tall building are constructed or the laborers have to lift or load and unload something heavy over height. However, it should be noted these cranes a limit in terms of carrying weight and support. So when the weight has been carried, a tower crane needs support of the building to stay fixed.

  1. Loader Cranes

This type of train is used for loading and unloading trucks that carry vehicles and heavy machinery. The capacity of these cranes has improved over the years and they can carry up to 200 tons of weight. They have wide use in vehicle manufacturing plans, harbors and coastal areas.

  1. Truck Mounted Cranes

These types of cranes are loaded and installed on pickup trucks. They have a versatile use and the mobility factor of truck cranes makes these even more useful. The capacity of this cane is up to 50 tons and they are used for multiple purpose. Like they can carry heavy items and place somewhere else where needed. They are also in use for construction and loading and unloading works.

  1. Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are also known as suspended cranes. These cranes have a common and wide use in factories and industries where they are used for heavy loads. Most of the manufacturing plants have their overhead cranes (or crane for rent VA) that help the laborers in loading machinery and other equipment.