Bone pains can be hard to deal with, especially if they’re around the foot. Here is everything you need to know about ankle pain, its causes, and treatment and when you should see an orthopedic surgeon.

Ankle Pain

The ankle is a very important bone junction in your body. It is made by the fusion of the tibia and fibula and these two bones connect with the ankle of the foot, through the talus bone. Your ankles are responsible for a lot of things:

  • Movement of the foot
  • Taking steps
  • Rotating the foot
  • Balancing on your feet
  • Supporting your weight on the feet, when you’re standing
  • Flexing your toes, etc.

The ankle can be prone to a lot of injuries and damage and any pain in the ankle can restrict the above-mentioned movements and functions you can be left in a lot of pain, and unable to move your foot or even stand.

Causes Of Ankle Pain

Now that you know what ankle pain is, here are some very common causes of it:


One of the most common causes of ankle pain is arthritis. It is a bone disease that can make your bones extremely weak and they can hurt all the time. One of the target points of arthritis is the ankle. It can cause severe pain in the ankle and the foot and it can lead to the inability to move.

People who are over the age of 55-60, need to get themselves checked for arthritis and if there is an inkling, then they should get to the bottom of treating it.

Injury Which Is Left Untreated

Another very common cause of ankle pain is a previous injury that was left untreated or went unnoticed. This can come back and this can cause severe damage to the ankle and it can start with a lot of pain.

The pain is unbearable at times and you are not only uncomfortable but are unable to move as well. This injury can be a previous fracture, which didn’t heal properly or it can be something else.


A very common cause of ankle pain is a sprain to the foot. Sprains are the pulling of the tendon and muscles of the ankle and this can cause the ankle to become seized and frozen at first and then, it can lead to pain, whenever you try to move it too much.

Sprains are very easy to treat and they shouldn’t be overworked too much, otherwise, it can turn out to be extremely painful for the ankle.


Tendons are what join the muscles to the bones. Sometimes, these tendons can get irritated, inflamed, swollen, ripped, or get loose over time, because of age or too much activity.

This can lead to tendinitis, which can also cause a lot of pain in the ankle. Look for symptoms of tendinitis and seek medical help. If the tendon is torn beyond repair, then it might need to be fused through surgery.

Treatments For Ankle Pain

Here are some treatment options for ankle pain:

  • You can try hot and cold compresses. Usually, ankle pain can be treated in this simple and effective way, but you need to make sure that you are doing it regularly, whenever pain occurs, and are putting the least amount of stress on your foot.
  • Physical therapy and proper rest can also lead to a functioning and pain-free ankle. Try to do light exercises and stretching, to make your ankle flexible, but make sure that you’re giving it a breather too.
  • There are ankle braces or footwear available, which can support your ankle when it’s healing. These are also quite helpful.
  • If the pain is too much, then you can go for medication. Simple painkillers and NSAIDs will work like magic.
  • Keeping your ankle and foot elevated will also help a lot. It will get rid of the swelling and make you feel comfortable.
  • Take nutritional supplements, if your ankle pain is because of a disorder like arthritis.

There you have it! Now that you know the causes and treatment of ankle pain, you can be vigilant in treating it properly by visiting a podiatry clinic Woodbridge promptly, so there isn’t too much damage done and the recovery is quicker.