Are you thinking about ways to heat your house? Well, the cold weather is just about to hit and with that, your needs for house-heating will significantly increase. You can accomplish this with the help of professional furnace services that will not only help you in furnace installation but also in repairs and maintenance.

Different ways to heat the house

In this article, we put together several ways in which your can keep your house warm in the coming winter season.

Note that we have chosen the most efficient and practical solutions. Of course, there may be a dozen other ways but our prime concern here is affordability and efficiency.

Hot water or steam system

Steam and hot water systems are quite efficient. These systems heat the house up by transferring hot fluid in the house. Since steam has no limitations for temperature and a very low density, it can flow quickly and efficiently.

After all, hot water systems have a faster rate of heat transfer (a scientific term for the transfer of heat between two mediums/objects).

Despite that, hot water systems tend to be even more efficient. However, they are also slightly more expensive. In case you want to convert your exist steam system into a hot water system, you will need boiler replacement.

This investment might require a capital in the start but overall, it is very beneficial.

Heat pumps

Next up, we have the Heat pump. The heat pump is a simple device that transfers heat from a source to the sink. The main purpose of a heat pump is to transfer the thermal energy in an opposite direction to that of natural heat transfer.

Heat pumps accomplish this by absorbing energy from the cold area and releasing it in the hotter area. So, in other words, heat pumps will take energy from your surroundings and release it inside your house.

However, do note that heat pumps are not particularly energy efficient in areas that have a very cold climate.

Pipelesss furnace

Pipeless furnaces are used for space heating and they consist of a resistance unit combined with a ductless combustor. This also features a chamber that is enclosed in which fuel gets burned.

Typically, floor furnaces are built beneath the floor in order to deliver heated air inside the room. Similarly, wall furnaces can also be installed within partitions in the walls.

Such space heating equipment is highly efficient and delivers a good amount of energy inside the house.

Heating stove

Heating stove offers a good amount of efficiency and burns different types of fuels such as pellet fuel, wood, or gas. These stoves offer great ambiance and a traditional look. However, when it comes to heating stoves, you have to take several precautions.

For instance, you must specifically be careful around gas fuels such as propane gas or compressed natural gas. Carelessness With these fuels can quickly turn into a hazard. Every year, thousands of houses get burned due to inadequate ventilation and handling of gaseous fuels inside the house.

Room Heaters

Room Heaters come in many different shapes and sizes. These heaters can work very efficiently and may use electricity or gas fuels. However, electric heaters can also spike your electricity bills up so use them sparingly.


You can use any of the above-mentioned ways can be used to heat your house this fall. However, if you are using heat pumps/furnaces, note that you will occasionally have to bear costs of furnace or heat pump repair services Long Beach also. So, keep some room in your budget for that in order to avoid unexpected surprises.