HVAC systems are used round the clock but as their age passes, you start observing that the system is not as good as it used to be. Hiring air conditioner repair technician is the best idea.

HVAC system maintenance

  • What could be the reason?
  • Why is your system acting in such a way?

View the following tips and methods to improve the working efficiency of your HVAC system.

  1. Duct Inspection

HVAC companies recommend regular duct inspections. With the passage of time, dirt starts accumulating inside the vent. Moisturizer and solid debris gives rise to growth of bacteria, fungi and molds.

If left unattended, they travel through the central pipes and cause infection among all office floors. Also, sometimes small children throw toys and stones inside the duct, damaging the layer so keep an out for young ones.

You can go for one of two methods:

  • Manual duct cleaning
  • Calling an expert from HVAC companies

For manual cleaning, you have to switch off the HVAC system and inspect the ducts. Vacuum cleaner and dry cloths can work their magic but it will be tedious process. There is

If you call an expert from HVAC/air conditioning companies, they will charge a small fee but clean away all the debris.

  1. Compressor and Condenser Inspection

We are talking about the main machinery. If debris starts collecting on these units, these components need more electricity to work. By draining more current, they are at a risk of overloading as well as becoming a potential safety hazard to home/office environment.

Therefore, air conditioning companies recommend inspecting the main parts of machinery.

  1. Not Allowing Heat Inside the Home

This is no rocket science – if your home is not allowing substantial amount of heat inside the house, your HVAC units will have to do less work in terms of cooling. In other words, you will be saving cash.

Close the doors and have maximum use of curtains.

  1. Cleansing the Drain

Indoor cooling coils have a drain next to them. These drains are mostly mounted above the furnace (in the basement).

Take a cup of chlorine bleach and flush it down the drain. Afterwards, rinse it with plenty of water. One cup of chlorine bleach is good enough for one season. Cleansing the air conditioning drain is also recommended because a clear drain has negligible chances of basement overflow, which happens quite frequently if AC drain gets blocked.

  1. Increasing the Thermostat

Adopt a practice of increasing temperature of thermostat in summers and decreasing the temperature in winters. Adjusting temperature around five degrees above and below will help save you energy and money.

HVAC companies insist on getting a programmable thermostat, which you can digitally program yourself. If you plan on having different temperature at different times during the day or several times during the week, when you are not home, a programmable thermostat can be a big help.

NOTE: Keep lamps, fire and devices which raise the temperature of their surroundings away from thermostat. If you keep them near the thermostat, your thermostat will be tricked into believing pseudo-heat increment, therefore; working harder than it should and making the system work longer.

  1. Hotness and Heat Generating Appliances Don’t Go Well

Yes, if you are trying to use heat generating appliances in hotness, your air conditioning units will have to do more work, presenting a chance of overloading.

The best bet is to avoid appliances like dryers and ovens in hottest part of the day.

  1. Insulating Exposed Ductwork

Poor insulation releases the hard earned cool air. When it comes to insulating an exposed air conditioner ductwork, there are two problems:

  1. Exposed ductwork insulation
  2. Hidden from eyes ductwork insulation

Hire air conditioner repair technician

For exposed ductworks, you can insulate them pretty much yourself. Get a duct tape which is UL – 181 rated. You should also know that if you insulate the ductwork too thin, it may break away so it is recommended to install ductwork insulation using appropriate thickness of ductwork insulation material.

As time progresses, insulation starts getting weaker and weaker and develops myriad opening in the form of pores. You cannot see them from naked eye but a professional from air conditioner repair companies VA can. He performs certain tests and forms deductions based upon his experience.

Experts recommend having your HVAC units checked by professionals, at least once a year. This ensures their longevity.