Are you unsure what material would provide the best performance? Are you confused with the number of countertop replacement companies? One is the granite that is popular with its value-packed capabilities. 

The granite benefits

Being one of the hardest materials on earth, it is found in many of the high-end kitchens due to its immense strength and durability. 

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits it delivers.

Tough and Durable

Granite is a rock-hard material. That said, it can give a close competition to the Diamond, which is the number one in the hardest materials. Once you install granite countertops, this will probably be your last countertop. 

The durability and long-lasting is something you can’t resist. The toughness doesn’t let the other elements chip off its surface. When the sealing is applied, it can further strengthen the granite countertops for an extended period.


When installing the granite countertop, make sure it is done by a professional. The proper sealing can resist the stain and bacteria enter. In this way, you can clean the kitchen with a cloth, soap, and water without creating any mess. 

You’ll be glad to see the neat and clean countertop surface after a long time. To make things more manageable and convenient for you. A rough cleaning with a towel after every cooking is sufficient to maintain the kitchen in a tip-top condition.


The best part about the granite countertops is that they are light on your pockets. The pricing starts from $40 to $200, including installation fares, which is reasonable for most homeowners. However, the thickness of the slab may vary greatly. So, we must consider the spending plans accordingly.

If you have a strict budget, then granite tiles help you to a greater extent. However, the incredible durability is believed to be 30 years or more, which will outweigh the price factor.

Adds Value to Kitchen

Granite countertops can considerably increase the value of your home. This also depends upon the amount you spend. But, Granite being one of the most attractive materials, can multiply the return investment by 100%, and that’s impressive. 

It happens when a potential buyer shows interest in your home’s value, and the primary reason undeniably the presence of granite countertops. So, make your kitchen remodeling easy with the best material in town that can take your home’s value to the next level.

Scratch, heat, and stain resistant

Heat, moisture, and stain-resistance are useful features of a countertop that should be a must-have. Since this countertop is porous, it requires proper caulking. A sealant ensures that your countertop surface is safe from the spilling of acids or alkalis. Keep in mind that caulking needs to be done twice a year. 

If you allow the food to spill on your countertop, it won’t take long to remove. You can wipe them with a plastic scraper. Besides, granite is made from heat and pressure. It has the potential for maximum heat retention, so you can directly place the hot utensil without scorching the countertop.

Do you have a clever cat who has the habit of jumping over the countertop? Being scratch-resistant, the granite countertop can withstand the abuse of its sharp claws.

Flat Surface

Roll over the dough, knead bread or make your cookies with the perfectly flat-labeled surface of the granite countertop. Whether you’re a chef or culinary arts person, this countertop needs your attention. Enjoy your hobby by preparing delicious meals and praise the flat-surfaced countertop.

Final Words

Don’t compromise on the quality of living, and if you have money, investing in a granite countertop will leave you worry-free for decades. Just make sure the installation is done by hiring a granite installers Potomac who will leave you with the minimum fuss of your countertop.