Are you planning to get eyelash extensions at a decent hair salon? This eyelash extension guide will help you decode the secret behind glamorous eyelashes and how do people get them to look so perfect.

Follow the tips we have put together in this article to help you understand eyelash extensions and how they work.

The ultimate eye-lash extensions guide

Before we get started on tips and tricks, it is important to know what exactly eyelash extensions are? Are their just one type of eyelash extension? Do they come in multiple colors and volumes? How many types of curls are there? Keep reading to find the answers to your most asked questions!

What are eyelash extensions?

As the name suggests, eyelash extensions are extensions made up of thin fibers that are for your lashes. In simple words, they are fake eyelashes that you can wear on your eyelash line using an adhesive. But not just any adhesive! There are semi-permanent adhesives for eyelash extensions. Rarely though, they are also made with real human hair.

You are probably wondering now how they exactly work and how to put them on? Application of eyelash extensions is a professional’s job and should only be done by an eyelash technician. They are usually applied to a single natural lash for a classic, natural look. However, sometimes for dramatic looks and more volume, multiple extensions are applied to a single lash.

Different types of eyelash extensions

There are many different types of extensions for the eyelashes. These differences come from different types of curls and colors. The type of curls a client wants depends on their taste and preferences. There are J curls, B curls, C curls, D curls and L+ curls. J curl is the most naturalistic with least curl. On the other hand, D and L+ curls have dramatic curls. B and C curls have slightly more curl than J. The type of eyelash extensions not only depends upon the client’s preferences and style but also on their naturally existing eyelashes shapes.

Eyelash extensions also come in a variety of colors. Now you might be thinking natural colors like black or brown. However, they do not only come in natural hair colors. They also come in other bright colors such as blue purple, red and green. These colored lashes work great for complimenting the eye colors while increasing the eye’s hair volume at the same time.

How to care for eyelash extensions

Your job does not end at getting the hair extensions. There is a lot to do after getting them too. Eyelash extensions require great care to maintain them. This will help keep your eyelash extensions fresh and will make them last longer. Aftercare tips include cleaning the eyelash extensions daily. Any oil free cleanser can be used to clean them.

An eyelash brush can be used to get rid of dirt. It is not just that. you will also need to avoid excessive moisture and oil from makeup such as mascaras. They can damage the eyelash extensions and loosen the eyelash glue making them come off. If you want your eyelash extensions to look voluminous, you will have to make appointments for regular lash refills. Eyelashes are a delicate part of our face and therefore, so are eyelash extensions. Which means without proper aftercare, they will break off and not look fresh.


Eyelash extensions have brought a huge change in both the fashion industry and for the lash professionals. Consequently, they have also attracted a lot of people into having voluminous, fresh lashes at all times. You can easily get them applied from any good eyelash extension salon. They will do that job for you. However, your job is too care for them and maintain them properly for a fresh look for a longer period of time. hypno