Trees are nature’s ventilation systems and they keep the air clean, not to mention they also protect you from the sun. But if a tree gets too old, then you should look out for these signs and use emergency tree services otherwise it can fall right on your premises.

The Roots Are Getting Weak

A tree’s health can be determined by its roots. The roots are sometimes overgrown if the trees are very old and very big, and that can be a perfect indicator of how healthy the tree really is. If the roots are starting to get very weak and they are forming holes, then it means that the tree is losing its strength and it is very close to falling. The roots are also the anchor of the tree and they hold the tree in place for years to come. So, if the roots are getting weak then the tree is done for.

The Branches Are Falling

Another sign of a dangerous tree is the balding of the tree. Balding means that the branches and leaves are falling apart and things are not in place anymore. The strength of the tree is getting less and less and this is why the tree can’t hold the weight of the leaves or the branches anymore, hence they are falling.

So, if you see a tree start to lose its branches and leaves and get bald, then it’s probably a good idea to cut it down before it decides to fall itself.

The Trunk Has Cracks In It

A healthy trunk is thick and not hollow at all. You can see in the tree marks and trunk that a tree is healthy. There are no weird fissures and cracks in the trunk. If, however, you do see some cracks forming in the tree, then it is not a good sign and the tree is probably going over its age and it is about to fall. You should always keep an eye on the trunk to make sure that the tree doesn’t have any cracks or hollow spots.

The Soil Is Raised

This is also a major sign that your tree is not going to hold on for much longer. If you see the tree leaning off to the side too much, or the soil on the base of the tree is rising, or if the roots are starting to protrude from the ground, then your tree is nearing falling.

The tree is losing its integrity and it is starting to lean off the side and that’s why the soil is being raised and the roots are showing outside the soil. You don’t want the tree to stand around for too long, so it’s better to get rid of the leaning tree.

The Roots Are Damp

Damp roots are also a very big reason why trees are loosening from the bottom and they are losing their grip in the soil. Damp roots are common when the tree is watered and that is completely normal. What’s not normal is the protruded roots to be damp and have holes in them. This can lead to formation of fungus and mold on the roots and this will further reduce the strength of the tree.

Your tree should never feel moist or wet, because this is a clear indication of fungus forming. This is a main reason for trees which get old and are on the brink of falling.

The Trunk Is Getting Hollow

If you knock on your trunk and it sounds hollow then it is probably because termites are eating the inside of the tree out. Termites are the main culprit for hollow trees and this really leaves the tree useless and it gets wilted very fast. Hollow trunks are nothing from the inside and every single inch of wood pulp is eaten out by termites or other wood eating insects. So, if your tree is sounding hollow, then it’s done for.

Final Word

You need to be careful with trees which are about to fall, because one wrong move and they can do quite the damage. Moreover, you can also have tree removal services Kensington check the tree and advice if you should remove it or not.