The dangers of constant exposure to UV rays on the human skin are well documented, and that is the reason sunblock and sunscreen products were created for skin and thing like auto glass tinting for vehicles. Let us take a look at why exposure to UV rays while driving is bad.

Danger No. 1 – UV Exposure Is The Most Prominent Cause Of Skin Cancer

The most likely cause of patients developing Non Melanoma (NMSC) type of skin cancer as well as a good amount of Melanomas in the later stages of their lives is the result of unhindered exposure to sunlight, and hence UV radiation, due to work purposes or just their way of living. This is especially common in people with weak skin pigmentation, such as those of Caucasian descent.

Danger No. 2 – Constant Exposure To UV Radiations Can Disfigure Skin

Skin cancer is not the only thing that you should be afraid about due to exposure to UV radiation on a constant basis. With enough concentration, UV rays can cause a burning effect on skin. This will result in the surface becoming permanently tight, wrinkled and in extreme cases, even cause scarring. The right thing to do is to protect yourself from exposure at all times.

Danger No. 3 – The Effects Of UV Exposure Are Cumulative In Nature

This means that you do not only have to be concerned about constant exposures but also the inconsistent ones, as effects from the radiation pile up, gradually damaging the surface of the skin until it has deteriorated to a point where you cannot only see but also feel the side effects.

Danger No. 4 – UV Radiation Is Harmful In Every Season And Every Place

There is a common misconception that UV rays are only harmful during summer, but that is not true. UV radiation is a major component of sunlight that we get on earth, no matter what season it is or what part of the globe you are in. As long as there’s daylight, so is UV radiation. However, it’s true that UV index during summer is higher than in winter. So don’t think that if you live in colder regions you are safe.

Danger No. 5 – Even The Strongest Sunscreen Is Not Able To Block All UV

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreens are not designed to completely block UV radiations, because that is just not possible. They simply use a chemical to negate the most harmful effects of UV radiation, or at least make an attempt too, but we all know these chemicals don’t work exactly as per claims. Dousing yourself in sunscreen is fine if you are going out for a bit, but it is not a permanent solution. You should consider tinting your car windows for better results.

Danger No. 6 – Artificial Methods Of Blocking UV Are Actually Harmful

We mention above that modern sunscreens use a chemical to alter the chemistry when they come in contact with UV radiation, so that the rays don’t harm your skin that much. But these chemicals are pretty powerful on their own, and having them applied on your skin for prolonged periods may actually cause more harm to the skin.

Danger No. 7 – UV Rays Also Affect Other Objects Inside Your Car

Your skin is not the only thing that is at risk from exposure to UV rays. The seats on your car, the plastic dashboards, even the glass of your windshield all absorb UV rays on a constant basis, and when they do, symptoms like fading, cracking and disfiguring start to show up if you don’t have tinted car windows.

The above points make it crystal clear that with so many dangers of excessive exposure to UV rays while driving, having your car tinted is not just an option, it is an absolute necessity. When going to get your car windows tinted however, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

For one, make sure that tinting is actually allowed in the state that you are located in, and what is the minimum tint percentage that you can opt for without breaking the traffic rules and regulations. Window tint shops Springfield can also tell you about the legal percentage of tints. In the end, you should make the decision about the percentage to choose based on your needs and wants. Regardless of what you choose, the benefits of having car window tints is hard to ignore.