If truth be told, those who do not love themselves can never love anyone else. Any relationship requires a healthy self-esteem and self-love. Those who do not love themselves, are forever in the grip of fear and insecurity. This tends to ruin their relationship with everyone, since, unworthiness leads to suspicion and doubts. Such people underestimate the person who loves them, and their relationship has no hope for future.

Before creating a bond with others, knowing and accepting yourself is essential. People sometimes associate self-love with egoism. However, it is not the case. It has more to do with self-understanding, knowing your needs, and loving according to it.

Love booms only when you are comfortable with your own self. When your happiness becomes your priority, love for others naturally develops. There is an uncountable number of people, who are so scared of accepting their flaws and imperfections, that they fall in love, or pretend to fall in love for all the wrong reasons. To please others, to suppress the pain, to settle, or to battle loneliness. Instead of walking down this path there is a much better option. SELF-GROWTH!

How To Self Love?

Work to make yourself the person you think you are not! The one you want to be. Climb your way there and proudly fall as many times as you have to. Ignite that fire within, fan the flames, go and test yourself to your full potential. Only then will you be able to confront yourself. You will know who you are. Even if you fall to rock bottom, rise again with all your energy and move towards your goal with all the vigor and passion.

Society and media have mixed up love with approval, and fixing the imperfections to appear with a pristine appearance. We have started to hide beneath the masks we have been forced to wear, and with time the weight of that masks seems too heavy to bear, and so we observe changes in our behavior. That is the time when start losing people around us. You get emotionally exhausted. IT is actually the time when you should give up the façade and embrace your authentic self!

Importance of self love

Self-love means to understand the fact that you deserve the best. You are not less than anyone but complete in your own way. Bring out your true self for everything inside you is beautiful and part of you. When you empty yourself only then can you make space for love to flow your way. You can tailor your own definition of love that is free from pretense.

Good things take time to happen, and when the time is right, you will get whatever you desire. Just never stop believing in yourself and your inner self. The more you will care for your own self, the more you will understand the needs of others. This way you will be able to love others. And remember you don’t need others approval to be who you are. you are YOU. And you are unique.