High school students are the most stressed individuals on the earth. They have to worry about their grades, their graduation, their future and the colleges or its application process etc. As a parent of high school student, we know you want the best for your child but pressurize him/her too much and they will rebel in one way or another. For a teacher, this becomes a huge problem because the child is unable to lash out at home, he/she does so in the classroom. So yes, as a teacher I would love to point it out to you that parents’ role in high school is to be supportive, uplifting and motivating!

Tips for Parents Of High School Students

Try these and watch as your child becomes more open and enthusiastic about his future journey!

Be More Involved in Your Child’s Life

All of you are under the impression that once a child reaches his/her teen state, he/she is old enough to take their decisions. This is true, no doubt but in the process, you completely ignore your child. He/she is used to you being part of his/her work and participation in school or in general discussion regarding their day or anything else, and suddenly is abandoned and ignored. Such children then seek that comfort, that involvement elsewhere. Usually in the form of parties, bad company and all things leading towards downhill. So, if your son or daughter is finally setting foot in high school then become more than just a parental figure for them, be their friend, counsellor but most importantly, BE PRESENT.

You Know Your Child

Teachers are qualified in regards to education and knowledge and are deemed as experts in their fields. But when it comes to an individual child, a teacher is as clueless as a babe. You’re the parent, the child spends half of his time with you hence you are an expert when it comes to your child. If your child prefers listening instead of speaking, do let their teachers know. If they are shy or have some other problem regarding education or behavioral patterns in general then the teacher must be made aware of. For high school students, teachers are no less than Hitler but you can change that by informing the teacher beforehand about a specific issue your child faces regarding anything in life.

Be Cooperative

Parents’ role in high school is to work with the teacher and be cooperative about the way a teacher conducts his/her class. Yes, you have studied this particular equation the other way while this way is completely different. A teacher knows what’s best for his students. So if he/she thinks a certain method of solving the questions is best then please don’t argue or shout at him/her. Instead try to keep an open mind and let them do their work.

Health Concerns

If your child is allergic to something or has been through a trauma or some other disease then the teacher should know about it. Sometimes such issues or concerns affect the child’s performance in the classroom so it’s best to let the teacher know so he/she can proceed further in a certain manner. For health concerns, if your child suddenly has some allergies then the teacher must be made aware so that in case of trouble, he/she knows what to do or has an inhaler or other such medicines available.

Don’t Defend Your Child When He’s Wrong

It is normal for high school students to be a bit ill-mannered or score low in tests or be more inclined towards skipping class than actually be in one and learn something. When the teacher complains to you about the behavior of your child towards studies or other students then instead of defending him or pointing out the other child’s faults, accept it and talk to your kid and try to understand him. Reprimand him for his fault but do not shun him or taunt all the time, this could also lead to severe aggressiveness.

Final Verdict

Parents’ role in high school is to be close to their kids, not shun them out because of one mistake and remember what it’s like to be 16. Motivate your kids, remind them the importance of education and college and don’t pressurize them into doing something they can’t!