One of the important aspects that make masonry work a pleasing experience is that all the materials and tools used for this work are inexpensive, basic, and easy to acquire. Masonry work was in existence from the early ancient Egyptian days of civilization. This trade make use of common elements like the earth, crush stone.  Most common and ordinary tools are only needed for practising this trade. A single person like a mason to big businessmen  like masonry contractors  are engaged in this work of constructing small houses to multi storied business centres and apartment complexes. Let us take a quick look at the tools and materials involved in this trade.

Know about the best Masonry tools

Margin trowel: This is a long and thin tool used for spreading mortar on stone. Margin trowels are often used in preparing stone veneers and when narrow masonry units are to be made. It is used for avoiding excess mortar lapping over the side of the units used in stone veneers. They are not appropriate for normal masonry projects. They are similar to universal trowel and are different only in its size and the specialized field of application.

Square notch trowel: They are the main work horses of masonry work. It is large in size and has two straight sides and two sides that are notched. The notches can be either V-shaped or square. This trowel works as a metered system that dispenses mortar over a flat surface like a cement board. By using the square side it will not be possible to dispense mortar evenly. But it is possible to dispense cement evenly by pressing the notches against the surface where mortar is to be laid.

Cold chisel: It is a tool used for slicing bricks and therefore it has a flat wide head that is suitable for the intended job. It is also used to slice a veneer-stone in half with the help of a hammer. It also has many other uses like chipping the excess mortar etc.

Masonry materials

Veneer mortar: this is a special mortar used for sticking masonry veneers to pillars and similar vertical surfaces. As this is very costly material it should be used for veneer stones only.  For this reason it is mixed in small batches only.

Portland cement: Portland cement is used throughout the world as the basic ingredient for mortar, concrete etc. it was originally developed in the 19th century in England. Limestone with clay is heated in a kin and the clinker so produced is grinded and 2-3 % of gypsum is added to it for making Portland cement. Different types of Portland cement are available. The most common type known as ordinary Portland cement is gray in color.  White Portland cement is also available.

Mortar: Mortar is a workable mixture of cement and gravel used to bind building blocks like bricks, concrete, masonry work units and stones.   It is also used to fill the gaps between them and to fill the empty spaces if any in a masonry work. Sometimes mortar is used to add decorative designs and colors to the masonry wall.

Grout: This a workable paste made with water and cement to bind building materials like bricks, stones, concrete masonry units etc. It is also used to fill the gaps between bricks stones, door or window frames etc.

Concrete: Concrete is one of the most important building material used in the construction of houses, building, bridges, dams and many kinds of construction works. Concrete is formed by mixing coarse aggregate mixed with fluid cement paste. It is very good in withstanding compression and in supporting loads. The strength of the concrete can be increased by reinforcing it with steel roads. Pre-stressed concrete is another form of concrete used for constructing beams and bridges. Asphalt concrete in which bitumen is the binder is widely used for making road surfaces. Similarly polymer concrete makes use of polymer as its binder.

Gravel:  Gravel is very commonly used material in all building or construction works. It can be considered as a loose conglomeration of rock fragments.  Gravel is usually classified based on the fragment size like granules, pebbles, coarse etc. You should hire a landscaping company for better understanding. lagrass