The most important thing is to get a child support lawyer to get familiar with child custody laws as he can well guide you about all the legalities required to win such cases. Below are few of such tips to keep in mind.

Winning child custody and hiring divorce lawyer

  1. Document Everything on Paper

It is highly advised to keep everything documented on paper officially to prevent any kind of mess you can face in the court. Child custody attorney is only given to the parent who proves to fulfil the child’s basic living necessities in his best interest. So, document everything you do for your child to keep him/her safe and sound. For instance, if you are giving pick and drop then just write it down or if you have medical statements for a minor illness then just keep them to show how much you care for your child.

  1. Prove Yourself a Better Parent

First you need to understand the term of “better parent” as it is not as easy as it sounds like. You have to prove to be a competent, loving and involved parent. You need to take help of your child support lawyer here and prove to follow a healthy lifestyle of your child when he is with you. Like follow the proper eating and sleeping schedule, plan after school activities and be informed about his participation in sports and outdoor activities. Also, it is better to allow other parent to visit your child as this point may convince judge to give result in your favor.

  1. Learn About the Family Laws

It is very important to learn about family laws when you are fighting for a child custody attorney of your child. Read those laws followed in your state in detail so as to not to leave any loose end for other parent to win the custody against you.

  1. Work with Experienced Lawyers

It is better to work with experienced child support lawyers to win your child custody. As these cases are very complicated so it is better to take advise from experienced professional. Even if think it is not affordable for you, try to look for free legal clinics in your state which used to give assistance to such parents free of cost. They can set up a free consultation for you and you can take notes of their meeting to proceed your case in the court.

  1. Draft an Appealing Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan shows how you will take care of your child and take things along when you have separated from the other parent. Make it as appealing as possible to convince judge that you are the perfect choice for your child’s custody. Your plan should include parenting time for each parent, your decision ability for your child, your financial information with all necessary expenses and what kind of rules you follow for best parenting of your child.

  1. Be Cautious over Social Media

Well this is again a very important factor to consider when you are fighting for your child’s custody battle. It is advised to reduce your social media usage as minimum as possible since every activity of yours is being observed. Also, it is better not to upload more pictures or show activities like smoking or using alcohol. This way you can put a positive impression on judge as you are not involved in such activities and hence it is best to keep the custody with you.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Child Alone or with Young Baby Sitters

This matter is very serious when it comes to fighting for a custody battle as these points can hugely add your negative side being a parent. Children left alone at home or with young baby sitters are likely to be disturbed psychologically more than other kids. Plus, you need to keep a close eye on your child during your divorce or separation with the other parent as this is a big trauma for them as well. You need to handle this situation wisely by keeping your child away from such discussions to keep him relaxed. You need to play thoughtfully to win the child custody attorney fairfax va which does not affect your child’s mental health in anyway.