Granite Countertop Buying Guide

You will find many granite contractors, urging you to get best granite countertop installers, but how will you know for sure about the particular countertop, contractor and their installation type?

Buying granite countertops

Don’t worry! The following article is written as a granite countertop guide:

Getting the Right Type of Stone

Granite slabs are highly polished sheets of stone, so it is important to know about the type of stone. The thing about limestones and marble granite stones is that they don’t tend to perform well in kitchens. They are more practical to use in bathrooms.

Pick the stone in terms of quality. Black granite does a good job of hiding dirt while lighter shades appear pretty to look at! Consequently, it is difficult to maintain a white granite slab as compared to a dark one!

Reliable Granite Contractors

While you may pick the best granite countertops, if you can’t find experienced granite contractors, you won’t be able to fit your granite countertop.

Granite countertop installers can be found through social media and authentic websites. When hiring granite installers, it is important to read their reviews and ask about credentials and their portfolio.

Take an estimate from multiple granite countertop installers so that you can find the most affordable option in terms of cash and quality and then, make your move.

Getting a Granite Edge

Granite countertop installation is incomplete without choosing a granite edge. They enhance the look of your home interior and have a small impact upon total cost of granite countertop installation.

While bullnose edge is least expensive, it is also the most basic round surface edge. If you prefer a natural broken granite look, go for chiseled edges and if you want to go for style, the triple waterfall edge make a granite appear very thick.

It all depends upon your preference!

Getting a Backsplash

A granite backsplash adds appeal to the eye and protects your current granite countertop. With a touch of finesse, the final granite appears aesthetically refined in terms of sparkle.

A common practice is to install a 4’’ granite backsplash but there is no end to creativity.

Custom tiled backsplashes, made of natural stones and artificial ceramics are also available. Onyx is popularly used as a backlit backsplash which increases kitchen beauty.

Another growing trend is use of metallic and stainless steel backsplashes, which are affordable, easy to clean and very reliable.

Choosing the Color of Your Granite

Matching and contrasting are two main factors of picking a granite. If you have a dark textured kitchen, it would be nice to have a lighter shade granite, which would contrast well with the surroundings.

Another thing you should know is that lighter granite shades reflect light and you will feel that your bathrooms and kitchen appear more luminous. On the other side, you will have to put in a little extra effort to maintain lighter granite slabs, as compared to darker slabs.

Take recommendations of granite countertop installers to get a better idea of picking a color.

Providing Granite Support

This is useful if you are buying large length granite slabs. Experts believe that anything over 9’’ granite length requires additional support.

Mostly, metallic and granite brackets are used so that they can hold the slab and help distribute the weight. In this way, granite countertops are resistant to breakage.

Chemical Cleansing

When buying a granite, be sure to from countertop installers about recommended granite cleaners.

Cleaners protect the exterior surface and make sure that your granite remains usable for a very long time.

Getting a Granite Countertop Warranty

Most brands do not give granite countertop warranties. This is because granite is a natural commodity and is unique from piece – piece, therefore, large companies are hesitant to support granite warranties.

However, most granite contractors offer granite installation warranty. They mostly include warranty inside the installation plan. Depending upon granite countertop installers fairfax va, warranty varies from company – company. A company may give you two years of granite warranty while another may provide 12 years of warranty.

Getting a warranty is recommended because who knows, you may drop a heavy item on granite, causing the slab to break or the edges may start chipping away with time, with a little additional charge, your granite countertops are saved.

Allergy And Its Types

If you develop some unknown symptoms such as rashes, spots, fever, sneezing, cough or something else, then you should visit an allergy center as soon as possible to get yourself tested for allergy. These symptoms indicate you are allergic to certain food, drugs, materials or things and an allergist will be able to best tell you that what are you allergic to.

Different types on allergies

Allergy is something you get when your immune system views some particles as harmful to your body and fights it, which causes allergic reactions. The particles are known as allergens. If you do not know that what exactly are you allergic to then you will visit an allergy center and an allergist who will perform certain tests on your body and check your symptoms to know what you are allergic to. Below are some common types of allergies.

Drug Allergies

In this, you might be allergic to certain drugs and the symptoms include ashes, swelling, hives or difficulty in breathing. You will be tested for your skin in an allergy center after having drug allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

These allergies differ from season to season and there are spring allergies, fall allergies, summer allergies and winter allergies. Different people may have allergies in different seasons. Most people are allergic to dust and pollen grains from the grass and trees in summer and springtime and you may get nasal allergies, itching, runny nose and cough and constant sneezing in spring and summer time. While in winter and fall season, many people are allergic to dust mites and mold which also leads to itchy skin and hives.

Food Allergies

These allergies may have life-threatening reactions on your body if you consume the food which you are allergic to. Some people are allergic to a certain form of nuts, some have milk and cheese allergies, some are allergic to fish, some to soy and some are even allergic to wheat. The symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, and hives. The only solution is to not consume the food products.

Dust and Mold Allergy

Some people are allergic to pollution and dust and dirt in the air as well. While some are allergic to mold and smells of old houses. Some are even allergic to carpets and rugs in the houses.

Pet Allergies

Some people are allergic to pets and pet hair. The most common pets include dogs and cats. When allergic people come in contact with the pets they get rashes and hives and constant sneezing.

Insect Bite Allergy

Some people are allergic to insect bites and they get abnormal skin reactions afterward which can only be treated by medicines or injections. People who are allergic to insects should apply a lot of mosquito repellant to avoid insect bites.

Latex Allergy

This is not a harmful form of allergy. Some people have allergic reactions from latex or rubber products. They should avoid using rubber products such as rubber gloves, swimming cap at all costs.

If you face certain symptoms which you have no idea about then you should visit an allergist Manassas VA to get to know about your allergy.

What Is A Service And B Service?

A Mercedes mechanic is perhaps one of the most professionally skilled people to look after your valuable Mercedes; but how exactly does he do that?

Amazing Facts about Mercedes Benz

Upon visiting a Mercedes repair shop near me, I was able to unearth the secret to keep a Mercedes as flamboyant as it was when it was manufactured. The German automobile company was founded in 1926. Since its inception, it has been renowned for its luxury automobiles, and exceptional all-round vehicles. This quality of standard is maintained through an exemplary after-sales experience. The vehicle is taken care of by a Mercedes mechanic through a contrast of services, name the Service ‘A’, and the Service ‘B’.

The need to visit a Mercedes repair shop near you arises differently for various Mercedes vehicles. This difference is due to a range of factors which include the terrain of the vicinity where you drive, the number of miles you drive etc. However, usually the service ‘A’ is due when you have either driven 10,000 miles or after the first year of the purchase of the vehicle. The ‘A’ service includes the changing of the motor oil in your vehicle, along with the replacement of the oil filter. All of the essential fluid levels are monitored and altered to remain in the approved threshold. A Mercedes mechanic also checks and corrects the tire pressure of the vehicle. The brakes are inspected for any component problems, and the counter is set for the subsequent service ‘A’ visit. The next ‘A’ service usually takes place after 2 years or 20,000 miles.

Things to know about Mercedes Benz maintenance

The Mercedes repair shop near me, also provided the facility of service ‘B’. Like service ‘A’, the intervals between the services might vary greatly due to a variety of aforementioned reasons. The service ‘B’ is done usually after the first year or after the vehicle has been driven for 20,000 miles. In addition to the replacement of motor oil and the oil filter, like in service ‘A’, the combination or cabin dust filter is also changed. Brake fluids are exchanged, and all other essential fluid levels are monitored as well. Brakes are inspected for any problems with the components, whilst the tire pressure is also corrected, if need be. Lastly, the counter is reset for the next stipulated service ‘B’. Generally, the next service ‘B’ is due after every 2 years or 20,000 miles after that.

Both of these service options fall under the Flexible Service System, which is an initiative taken by Mercedes to ensure a timely service of Mercedes vehicles at a minimal cost. Diesel Mercedes vehicles have added features under the Flexible Service System which include the restocking of your supply of the AdBlue fluid. Added to that, the fuel filter is replaced and all necessary repairs pertaining to your vehicle’s model and year are performed.


a Mercedes mechanic is professionally devoted to service your Mercedes through a sophisticated system. This system breathes life into the car, and elongates it to its maximum potential, making it one of the most recognized car servicing systems in the world.